Popular Entrepreneurial Myths

CIOReviewindia Team | Monday, 06 July 2020, 05:20 IST

Popular Entrepreneurial Myths

There are certain myths about the entrepreneur that are recently hovering around the market. Somehow entrepreneurship is considered one of the easiest ways to become rich. Just like we see in the movies. However, people tend to forget that just how difficult it is to build an empire out of scratch.

There is no harm in becoming an employee of any company, but if you truly want to reach to a state of financial freedom, then entrepreneurship is the best pick.

In this article, we will discuss the myths that people believe and will try to debunk them.

1. Entrepreneurs don’t quit

If you are thinking that entrepreneurs don’t quit then you are on the wrong side of the road. Without quitting an entrepreneur can’t become an entrepreneur. The very first thing they have to do is to quit their full-time job to pursue their dream.

Even famous entrepreneur like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg has quit their bright career to pursue their dream which shone even brighter.

2. Entrepreneurs know everything

Who said that entrepreneurs know everything? It is true that some of the entrepreneurs with small goals and clear plans have planned every step. But that is certainly not true for the entrepreneur who has a bigger dream. To tell you the truth some of them do not even know how to achieve their dream. They learn everything while walking down the path of an entrepreneur.

3. Connections are necessary for the entrepreneurs

As business owners we have heard always the same thing coming from experienced businessmen that it does not matter what you know, what matters is that how well define connection you have in the industry.

If the above-mentioned statement is true then how can you explain all those immigrant entrepreneurs becoming a millionaire at a young age of 25 and 26?

To become a successful entrepreneur, you don’t need connection, all you need is to have an unbreakable trust with your ability to build an empire for yourself.

4. Entrepreneurs are usually rich

It is not necessary that all the entrepreneurs start with high capital investment. There is a very low percentage of entrepreneurs that start that way. While others start from the button of the food chain.

The entrepreneurs work their hardest to reach their goal. Even if that consists of working for 20 hours a day. After putting in a considerable amount of hard work, most of the entrepreneurs reach to point where they earn more than $60,000 yearly. This amount is no way close to what you call rich.

5. Entrepreneurship needs huge funding

Some people have ideas like to need to start something big, you need to have strong financial backing. That is certainly not true. If you are lacking in financial support, you can always raise the fund by crowdfunding or initial coin offering.

There are traders and investors who like to invest in high potential startups. Methods like Initial coin offering has made it easy and secure for the traders to invest in. if you are really interested, you can read more about best cryptocurrency trading sites

6. Entrepreneurship is fun

Well, to some extent it is true. After all, you are doing the things you like to do. So it would be fun. But it does not mean that entrepreneurs do not face any problems. There are times when business pressure becomes unbearable.

There are ups and downs that keep the entrepreneurship interesting, but with the ups and downs, it also means that you needed to be proactive while handling rough edge situations.

Final Thoughts

If you really want to aspire entrepreneurship, then it is high time that you stop believing on these kinds of rumours and face the reality with your own experience. We have continued to categorize the entrepreneurs with their characteristics, strengths, and traits. But we all forgot that the term Entrepreneur means mold breakers or disruptors.

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