Oversight Delivers Enhanced Performance and Usability with New User Interface for Insights On Demand

CIOReview Team | Friday, 25 November 2016, 09:58 IST

Oversight Systems, a leading operational expense analysis company, today announced the new user interface (UI) for Oversight Insights On Demand. Insights On Demand is the industry leading solution in sophisticated artificial intelligence-based forensic analytics to identify fraud, non-compliant purchases, and wasteful spending. Enhanced usability in the new interface requires far less training for new users, while experienced users will be able to do more with fewer steps creating greater efficiencies for both.

“As we developed the new UI we wanted to ensure customers had access to key information quickly without adding extra steps in the process,” said Nathanael Lheureux, VP of Product Management at Oversight Systems. “Understanding our customer’s research needs led to the streamlining of common tasks, key search functionality and data mining capabilities to deliver the same robust functionality in a new more accessible way.”

The new interface provides a unified view to search and find in greater depth the information and resources needed to quickly solve issues. Enhancements include the following capabilities:

1.      Enhanced Usability – more intuitive by exposing hidden options and better descriptive icons. All enhancements help speed up required tasks and make the capabilities more obvious. For instance, a new email icon makes it easier to quickly send and receive critical communications for an issue. Additionally, icons help drill down into more in-depth details and common tasks are pinned at the top of the UI.

2.      Performance Improvements – with the updated UI, some elements of the display were combined to streamline the user experience. By simplifying the interface, the result is enhanced performance of the analysis. Now common operations have shortcuts. With less effort, all of the research and data work together seamlessly to deliver the needed insights. Ultimately, the analysis of findings is easy for the end user while behind the scenes Insights On Demand performs complex tasks and analysis with a high level of performance.  

3.      Modern Look and Feel – by adopting best practices from popular consumer applications, users will find the new interface more intuitive and easy to use resulting in a reduced learning curve. 

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