Oracle launches Internet Intelligence Map

CIOReview TEAM | Thursday, 21 June 2018, 11:11 IST

intelligence mapThe database company Oracle has announced the availability of the Internet Intelligence Map. It enables users to monitor the health of the internet and also helps to get more insights of events such as natural disasters or state-imposed interruptions. The map is the result of the oracle’s global internet intelligence initiative to provide better analysis on the state of global internet network.

Oracle’s Internet Intelligence team have been collecting data on the technical support of internet and its effects on the geopolitics and e-commerce, for more than a decade. With all that analyzed data, Oracle is providing core analytics capabilities to everyone via the Internet Intelligence Map.

The Internet Intelligence Map is built based on traceroutes, BGP, and DNS query that shows country-level connectivity statistics volumes on a dashboard.  Users can probe the impact of an issue on internet connectivity worldwide with the help of all the three dimensions of internet connectivity.

Kyler York, Vice President of Product Strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and the General Manager for Oracle’s Dyn Global Business Unit, said at the conference, “The internet is the world's most important network, yet it is incredibly volatile. Disruption of the internet can affect companies, governments, and network operators in profound ways. As a result, all of these stakeholders need better visibility into the health of the global internet. With this offering, we are delivering on our commitment to making it a better, more stable experience for all who rely on it”.

“It is important to have a global view of the internet in order to understand how external events prevent users from reaching your web-based applications and services,” said the Founder and Principal Analyst of Edge Research Group, Jim Davis. “It is only when you have these insights that you can work around those issues to improve availability and performance”.

The internet intelligence map is one of the many advanced awareness and visibility tools that helped Oracle in making cloud better and more reliable. The map is supported by Oracle Cloud infrastructure and provides a set of core infrastructure services. Oracle cloud infrastructure is the only infrastructure that provides the compute, storage, networking, and edge services necessary to deliver the end-to-end performance required of today’s modern enterprise.    

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