Oracle comes up with Autonomous Database for Online Transaction Processing

Vigyey Patel, Content Writer, CIO Review India | Tuesday, 14 August 2018, 05:49 IST

Oracle comes up with Autonomous Database for Online Transaction Processing Larry Ellison, The Oracle Executive Chairman, and CTO announced the availability of a new service in the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service called Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP). As the Oracle Database has become autonomous, Machine Learning helps to leverage cost savings, security, availability, and productivity. The ATP service is built to run the world’s most demanding finance, retail, manufacturing, and government applications, supporting a complex mix of high-performance transaction processing, reporting, batch, and analytics workloads.   

Last year, Ellison announced the first fully automated database at Oracle open world that could self-drive, self-secure, and self-repair. After that, the company announced its first Service, Autonomous database warehouse cloud service at half the cost of the Amazon web services.   

The autonomous online transaction processing systems or ATP with full automation can save administrative costs up to 80 percent and cuts runtime costs up to 90 percent with the self-optimizing database. It also reduces the risk of cybersecurity and protection from all the types of failure, including system failure and user errors delivering 99.995 percent availability, or less than 2.5 min of downtime a month, including maintenance. It will enable fast data processing and allow data administration to get more values from data. Integrated machine learning algorithms enable the development of applications that depend on the real-time data prediction such as personalized shopping and fraud detection. It also helps in the online payment industry during the online transaction processing (OLTP).

Explaining the new service, Ellison said, “Oracle is by far the best database in the world and it just got a lot better because now it’s autonomous. This delivers a much more reliable, much more secure system - a system that protects against data theft, a system that is up 99.995 percent of the time, and a system that makes organizations and their developers dramatically more productive.”

Oracle Autonomous database will be easy for customers to adopt as it uses the same old database with same functionality and interfaces.  It can also support mission-critical workloads because of its highly sophisticated Oracle database technologies that are unmatched by any other product, including high performances, Exadata infrastructure, Real Application Clusters for transparent scale-out and fault tolerance, Active Data Guard Disaster recovery, and Online Data Evolution.  

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