Nexus Startup Hub and Digit Tie-up to Promote Indian Startups

CIOReviewIndia Team | Thursday, 24 September 2020, 08:56 IST

nexusdigitToday, Digit and Nexus Startup Hub, which is a collaboration between the US Embassy, New Delhi, and ACIR, announced their tie-up for providing free promotional support to Indian startups, which are a part of the Nexus incubator program. It is for promoting Indian entrepreneurs to build a future of truly Indian.

The announcement was made in the cover story of Digit magazine September Issue and its website.

With this tie-up, Nexus Startup Hub mentored startups will receive free promotions on Digit’s platforms worth 1.5 million rupees through Digit’s #IndiaProject initiative.

Erik Azulay, Director, ACIR, said, “We are very excited about launching this partnership between Nexus, India's premier business incubator and Digit, India's most popular technology media brand. Working together on the #IndiaProject program, we will be able to promote promising Indian technology startups on a platform designed to connect with the top movers and shakers in the tech community.”

Vikas Gupta, Publisher and Editorial Director of Digit and Founder of 9.9 Group, said, “As a truly Indian success story itself, Digit is thrilled that we have found a way to give back to Indian startups and Indian entrepreneurs. We are extremely excited to be partnering with the brilliant Nexus initiative by ACIR, as they also are working hard to support Indian innovation, for completely free. We want to contribute to this with the #IndiaProject initiative, which will level the playing field for Indian innovators in the country."

At the end of this month, the first batch of promotion for the startups will begin, and will be promoting the #IndiaProject logo on Digit’s site and social media. This will enable readers to identify #IndiaProject promotional content, which they will be able to share within their own social circles as individual contributors to #IndiaProject.

#IndiaProject idea is copyleft, which needs collaboration, and Digit encourages everyone to join them for promoting India innovation, for building highly Indian success stories.

Digit refused to copyright the hashtag - #IndiaProject logo it created, and the idea of it. It is proactively encouraging every Indian media house, influencer, or individual to use any part or the entire idea as their own, without any attribution.

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