Microsoft's Github Deal Makes Programmers Apprehensive

CIOREVEIWINDIA | Monday, 11 June 2018, 05:10 IST

githubSoftware developers across the world got worried when the tech giant Microsoft bought Github, the biggest platform for open source coders, for USD 7.5 Billion. The terror is due to the historical clashes happened between the open-source coders, who freely post and share their work, and Microsoft, which sells proprietary software and protects its technology. As Github is the biggest platform for sharing open source codes, developers have a fear of losing it to Microsoft. Because of the deal, several developers have deleted their account from the Github and posting trolls and memes on the social media. There was a time when Microsoft was the biggest antagonist of open source and totally against the utilization of open source. The senior executives of the Microsoft called open source a ‘cancer’ and ‘an intellectual property destroyer’. The company even tried to sue away customers who ran their operations on the open source operating system Linux. Reacting to the fear of developers, Chris Wanstrath, Github Co-Founder, and outgoing CEO said in an interview “It totally makes sense that people would be skeptical. I, a couple of years ago, would never have imagined this deal happening. Microsoft’s actions in the past few years have shown their commitment to open-source developers”.

But now the scenario of Microsoft is different since Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft. It has open sourced some of the Visual Studio developer tools’ code as well as the cloud services’ code through GitHub. In the company’s Azure cloud, customers can host variance of Linux workloads. Recently, it has made a product for securing systems for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices which operates on a homegrown version of Linux. The company has reassured the GitHub users that it will remain independent and will support development in various programming languages that will enable the code to run on various operating systems. But still, many developers are not ready to trust the tech giant and they already started to transfer their code repository to the GitHub’s rival, GitLab.

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