Market Capitalization Realizes TCS Once Again As The Most Valued Domestic Firm

CIOReviewIndia Team | Monday, 25 January 2021, 14:41 IST

India’s largest software export company, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on Monday went past Reliance Industries Ltd for becoming the country’s most valued firm by market capitalization.

TCS recognized another milestone as it emerged being the most valued IT company in the world as its market valuation surpassed Accenture.

During the trade closing hours, the market valuations of TCS was at Rs. 12,34609.62 crore while the that of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) was standing at Rs. 12,29,661.32 crore on the BSE.

TCS dipped 0.40 percent for closing at Rs. 3,290.20 after gaining 1.26 percent to its one year high of Rs. 3,345.25 during the day.

RIL shares got reduced to 5.36 percent and closed at Rs 1,939.70 on the BSE after its earnings failed for cheering investors.

Last year’s March reclaims TCS status as the country’s most valued firm by market valuation.

Till now as of January 25, 2021 TCS shares have gained nearly 13 percent on the BSE.

The multinational firm – Accenture’s market capitalization was at USD 168.44 billion when it closed on Friday on the NYSE. As of today, TCS valuation in dollar terms was at USD 169.26 billion.

SAP, one of the tech giant’s market valuation was at USD 155.50 billion and that of IBM was at USD 105.69 billion.

The market capitalization of companies varies daily depending on the movement of their stock prices.

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