LinkedIn announced the launch of LinkedIn Sales Insights (LSI), a new data analytics platform

CIOReviewIndia Team | Tuesday, 20 April 2021, 11:17 IST

LinkedIn announced the launch of LinkedIn Sales Insights (LSI), a new data analytics platform LinkedIn today announced the launch of LinkedIn Sales Insights (LSI), a new data analytics platform that allows Sales Operations (Ops) leaders and teams to tap into LinkedIn data at scale and transform their sales planning. This new addition to the LinkedIn Sales Solutions portfolio provides reliable, people-sourced data to assist Sales Ops professionals size potential opportunities, source new accounts, and become trusted advisors to their sales leaders.

Among the growing distance between buyers and sellers today in the virtual world of work, real-time data and relationship intelligence have become significant for smarter sales planning. Powered by data from LinkedIn’s global network of 740+ million members, LinkedIn Sales Insights provides clear visibility into the size and fast-growing nature of departments, functions, and accounts. This allows sellers to understand where their sales teammates have strong relationships, and align their teams and strategies towards the most revenue-generating accounts. Aimed at bringing buyers and sellers closer in today’s virtual reality, LinkedIn Sales Insights will assist businesses and sellers.

Focus on the right accounts and expand into new markets: With raw data at scale, LSI creates real-time insights to spotlight the size and augmentation of key accounts, regions, and territories so teams can hone in on their target audiences.

Ensure smarter sales planning: The unique, people-powered nature of the data assists customers uncover the insights they need to build better books of business, strategically prioritize accounts, and ensure sellers have continued opportunities to hit their targets.

Commenting on the launch of this new platform, Abhai Singh, India Head, Sales Solutions at LinkedIn stated, “As virtual selling continues to overhaul the sales ecosystem, real-time data and insights are increasingly critical for sales planning. With LinkedIn Sales Insights, our goal is to strengthen the buyer-seller relationship so businesses can shift their focus from ‘products they sell’ to the ‘problems they solve’. The platform will empower Sales Operations leaders with data and relationship intelligence to unlock lucrative leads and plan with ease and confidence in today’s ever-changing market.”

LinkedIn Sales Insights allows sellers to identify and size potential opportunities, get a clearer view of the market, and plan more confidently.

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