Learn How Data Centres in Hyderabad will Help in the Growth of Remote Workplaces

cioreviewindia Team | Friday, 11 June 2021, 04:17 IST

Learn How Data Centres in Hyderabad will Help in the Growth of Remote WorkplacesRemote working has become mandatory because of the coronavirus crisis, and employees have embraced this trend because of advantages like improved self-discipline, time management, and cost savings.

In a recent employee survey, 74% of people said they are fine with remote working, and 80% indicated they could perform their jobs remotely. Data centres in Hyderabad and other cities are providing the necessary infrastructure and services to support the growth of remote workplaces.

Data Centres’ Role in Promoting Remote Workplaces

To support remote working, organizations can use either a private hub that manages their infrastructure on-site or a colocation provider that offloads the management of the IT setup to a third-party vendor.

In both cases, data centres are vital for virtual workplaces as they are central hubs that provide access to business applications and data. Remote employees will typically use assets stored in a data centre facility somewhere. Organizations need to make this process secure and streamlined to ensure their online workplace arrangements are efficient and effective.

Now, let’s look at the features and services offered by data centres in Hyderabad and other places to strengthen remote workplaces:

Outsourced Infrastructure Management

Organizations need to invest a lot of money and time to run their own private data facility. On the other hand, colocation data centres are a relatively more affordable (Low on CAPEX) and more efficient option as they provide excellent cooling and power that helps reduce costs compared to inefficient and outdated private facilities.

In addition, reliable colocation providers offer 24/7 remote support, which saves the need to use IT staff round the clock to troubleshoot issues. Another advantage is that organizations will not be tethered to a single location to manage their online workplace. 

Uptime Reliability

Virtual workplaces need to ensure applications and data are always available to users. If there is downtime, employees will have to sit idle, which will bring down productivity and impact revenue. Cloud computing solutions are generally dependent on the competencies of colocation data centres for delivering the needed uptime SLAs to assure organizations of always-on availability.

Top colocation data facilities can offer 100% uptime and good reliability records to enable employees to have dependable access at all times to the applications and data they need for their work.

Improved IT Security

As companies are not using their office premises actively, it may get tricky to manage on-premise facilities. Therefore, it’s better for remote businesses to migrate assets to a colocation data facility. These data centres deploy extensive logical and physical security measures to safeguard equipment and data. 

Companies can also get freedom from legacy IT infrastructure while considering plans to continue remote working, return to a physical office, or change to another workspace after the pandemic.

Ensuring Business Continuity

Redundancy and reliable data availability are critical for a company’s IT infrastructure. If there is a disaster or downtime, organizations need to ensure they can still access their applications and data to ensure business continuity. Colocation providers offer disaster recovery and backup solutions to make sure the remote workplaces of enterprises continue to be functional even in crisis situations.

Compliant Infrastructure

IT departments need to ensure that remote workplaces do not compromise their security and compliance standards. Top colocation data centres in Hyderabad and other cities offer a fully compliant infrastructure that can reassure an organization’s clients that its remote workplaces are fully secure and compliant with industry and government standards.

Colocation data centers in Hyderabad and other cities enable organizations to fully leverage the potential and benefits of remote workplaces. These facilities offer reliable and secure IT infrastructure with strong cloud connectivity. This means companies don’t have to invest in creating their own data hub and also reduce their dependence on their physical offices. Employees don’t need to travel to a centralized work location as they can log in to the applications and systems hosted on the data center’s servers.

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