Larson Electronics Launches 15' Light Mast with 400 Watt LED Light

By CIOReview Team

KEMP, TX: Larson Electronics, a manufacturer of industrial lighting and power distribution projects, has announced the release of 15 foot telescoping mini light mast which comes with 400 Watt LED light head.  LM-15-5-4S-400W-LED is a 4 stage fold over light mast which can be used to position light, camera and other equipment, where, an elevation of 15 feet is required.

The mini light mast weighs about 250 pounds and is powder coated with glossy blue for resistance against corrosion. It can be extended to 15 feet or collapsed to 5 feet, depending on the requirement. The extension can be done with the use of included 600 lbs hand winch with 3/16" galvanized aircraft cable. The mast head is removable, and helps in storing the LED light fixture when it is not in use.

The telescoping light mast brings with it, GAU-LTL-400W-LED – 400 Watt High Intensity LED Light which produces 52,000 lumens of light and requires 3.34 amps from a 120 volt electrical system. This light head consists of fifty-four Bridgelux LEDs producing 963 lumens each and are arranged in 9 rows. They produce a 25degree wide spot beam which provides concentrated illumination. One heat sink for every 6 LED band facilitates the control of heat buildup and helps the light head during extended periods of operation, thereby increasing its life. This high intensity LED can operate under temperatures ranging from -40degree Celsius to + 80degree Celsius.

“The LM-15-5-4S-400W-LED offers a fast and secure solution to elevate 400 watts of lighting power up to fifteen feet. The LED light is equipped with a back mount trunnion style mounting bracket that allows the light to be adjusted through 160° of vertical movement,” says Rob Bresnahan, Larson Electronics.

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