Kick off The IT Recession with Refurbished Servers

CIOReviewindia Team | Saturday, 21 December 2019, 06:47 IST

Kick off The IT Recession with Refurbished Servers

Are you planning to buy a server for your organization? When purchasing a server for yourself or your entire organization, you might be in a dilemma whether to go for a new or a refurbished server. New servers are costly, which is why certified refurbished servers can be a great deal for startups and even big enterprises you especially during the recession time. Whether you are a startup or a multinational enterprise, great savings can be made by purchasing refurbished servers. Apart from savings, refurbished servers provide you access to the latest and more productive technology to help you achieve your business targets. Before you make any final commitment, read when is the right time and why purchasing refurbished servers could be the best option for you and your organization?

Protect your Finance against Recession

Spending away a lot of your budget during the economic crisis may further dent you financially and put your organization under troubles. If you invest in a refurbished server, you will have the excellent opportunity to procure enterprise-level servers at a lower cost. As you can’t control the financial market, you should also note that you can control where you invest your money. Buying a refurbished server can mean excellent discounts on a perfectly working system, so you get a huge off on the MRP of the server. When you buy a refurbished server in bulk, companies do provide you additional discounts that further reduces your IT investment and helps you survive a recession.

Good Option for Startups for Testing Applications

If you are a start-up trying to launch a new application, then you definitely need a server to test your application. Being a startup, you shouldn’t take the risk by investing a heavy amount in a new server. Instead of that, you should purchase a refurbished server from a reputed company that offers certified servers with a warranty to make great savings. The advantages of purchasing refurbished servers goes beyond saving money, it can be a great way to run your startup efficiently. If you spend the same amount on a brand new server, it is likely you would get a basic model with low-end configuration and may deliver low to medium performance. Purchasing refurbished servers enable your firm to upgrade to the newest technology at the lowest price.

Cheapest Colocation with Refurbished Servers:

Why should you go for co-location with a new server when there is a cheapest and affordable alternative in the form of easy colocation with refurbished servers? Suppose if you wish to choose co-location with a refurbished server with 20 cores, 512GB RAM, and 10 TB storage, it costs you only around Rs.2 Lakhs, and you just need to pay Rs.10,000 per month which is far better when compared to US Pricing. It is the best way to reduce your investment.

There is a good chance with some of the leading colocation dedicated hosting providers like Server Basket, Netmagic etc. to colocate your refurbished servers in highly secure Tier 4 data centers in India, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of maximum uptime and unlimited bandwidth to cope with the increasing data demands of your IT business. In the tier 4 data centers, your high end refurbished servers will be provided with dedicated rack space, cooling, power, uninterrupted network connectivity. There are very few reputed co location hosting providers who are offering easy co location with certified refurbished servers. They will take care of every aspect of your server, including the annual maintenance.

Looking to Access Better Technology

As a startup, it is very important to have the best equipment with the latest technology to be productive and to be a step ahead of others in the competition. When you choose a refurbished server, you can have access to the latest, top of the range server brands and models at very much less than if you bought them brand new. So it is advised to buy refurbished as you get better technology and much higher specifications for your money.

The refurbished servers come in a range of options ideal not only for startups and SME’s but large-scale industries as well. Some of the retailers even provide you with the option to choose from your preferred processors, RAM capacity, and storage drives. The best retailers, like Server Basket, offer customized options for refurbished servers, and such companies also allow you to choose servers from multiple brands. Which means you get a configured server depending on your business and application needs.

Go Green and Environmental Friendly

Before tying up with a new business or an organization, clients look at many reasons such as price points, reviews, online presence, and also the company’s responsibilities and ethics before switching from current providers. Being eco-friendly is a good way of building your company’s positive public image. Reusing the servers help reduce electronic waste. In short, the refurbished servers serve a large number of economic, social, health, and environmental benefits. Contribute to reducing the e-waste and enhancing environmental health by buying the affordable refurbished servers. In turn, when your server needs to be replaced with another one in the near future, it can also be recycled for the spare parts, and the positive cycle continues.


For IT organizations that are looking to build their IT infrastructure in less possible budget and be on the safer side during the recession, a refurbished server is highly recommended. It is an attractive option where you save a lot of your money, and at the same time, you get the powerful servers set a commendable standard in performance, flexibility, and serviceability. The only aspect the customer needs to see is that they are buying the server from a reputed refurbished server seller in India who can offer them a minimum warranty period of up to 1 year. You can also get rid of the high costs of new servers when you co locate with the refurbished servers. Some of the leading sellers or retailers even provide free tech support and installation support as complementary with the refurbished server.

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