Key Business Benefits of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

CIOReview Team | Monday, 24 February 2020, 04:37 IST

Key Business Benefits of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

The reason why a Manufacturing Execution System first came into place was that obtaining efficient production flow was difficult, and even when obtained, it wasn’t efficient. This is because of the various hindrances that we faced. So, now the question is how to overcomes such obstacles and obtain an efficient production flow? Well, the Manufacturing Execution System is the only answer.

You see, a Manufacturing Execution System is probably one of the best ways to manage, monitor and as well as synchronize the tasks involved in the manufacturing process, which is otherwise a real-time, physical process performed to convert raw materials into intermediate or finished goods.

The way, in which the Manufacturing Execution System works, it reduces efforts in today’s manufacturing environment. It enables cost reduction and introduces efficiency gains, delivering complete, accurate and accessible data.

But there is more to MES Systems than this. It is beneficial to any organization in multiple ways. However, most of us are unaware of it, because if we knew the benefits MES has to offer, all of our organizations would have been enabled with it. Let’s discuss it in detail below:

Decrease downtime and get access to real time visibility and real time management

The working of a Manufacturing Execution System involves eliminating a lot of time wasted from paper, spreadsheets, standalone databases, measuring systems and SCADA systems. Why? Because, firstly, it doesn’t really use them, and secondly, they are not capable enough of providing the data required today.

When you utilize MES, you are generating realistic production schedules. In fact, MES aims to replace all of the fragmented systems and accomplishes its feat by tracking raw materials and parts inventory. In this way, it is creating an unbroken thread, connecting the top and shop floor, in the process eliminating time wasted reconfiguring schedules and parts in transit. Also, it is beneficial for the employees, as it incorporates employee scheduling, which is much needed.

Aims to decrease costs

It is possible to reduce costs with MES because, in the way, it has been incorporating controls on how you spend, and on what you spend. With MES onboard, you will be spending more logically than ever, as you will be having a better outlook on products, material, time and labor.

In fact, it directly affects various aspects of the business when it comes to reducing costs. Since it monitors machines and progress of jobs and alerts operatives at your command, it releases operator time. This way it saves you direct labor costs. Plus, you do not need to collect data from machines and equipment, enabling accuracy and as well as reducing operator charges. Not to forget that it completely automates the process, saving you plenty of energy costs.

Calls out for improvements and efficiencies

Now that we know incorporating MES will majorly impact the accuracy of you and your business, let’s discuss how: MES is your organization will help you improve the working of your assets in the future, that is, asset utilization. Like I said, with access to accurate downtime reports, you will be able to improve your asset’s performance. MES will also help when it comes to informing personnel about the closure of the process and also provide you with a backup plan when unplanned events occur such as material shortage or equipment breakdown.

Reduction in wastes and scrapes

Precision is a star-feature of MES. Thus, it will accurately and precisely analyze production lines and finished products. There are more chances than not that there were inconsistencies and aberrations before the incorporation of MES. However, with the incorporation of MES, it will immediately help you to evaluate the lines in-turn eliminating the unwanted, and finally, reducing wastages, scrapes and overages.

Work on your agility and flexibility

Both the stated features: agility and flexibility, are needed in order to stay competitive in the market. With MES, you get that too. You see, the integration you earlier had with your supply chain, is improved, which means there is greater integration than before. Also, new products are introduced faster than ever before, only making things better. The new processes, factories, and personnel are functioning better than ever before, all because of the smoother integration levels.

Standardizing, enforcing and controlling the process better

With MES software, you get to standardize operations and enforce best practices for your business and manufacturing plant. Like I said, real time performance of shifts, production lines, and plants are evaluated using dashboards. There is greater and smoother integration among machines and equipments, not only increasing accuracy but at the same time ensuring security. Also, control is ensured using routines and workflows.

Workout your regulatory compliance

Earlier, regulatory compliance like quality assurance and control was dealtby departmental applications, but I insist you integrate this as well to MES. Primarily because conformance, responsiveness, compliance, overall quality metrics, and traceability, are other advantages that come with integrating it to MES.

Supports in the much needed digital transformation

It is high time that you work upon digitally transforming your business and incorporating MES will help you build upon the same. We discussed the benefits like reduction in direct and indirect costs, better and accurate control, and ensuring business continuity. All of it is like the building blocks you need to have for a digitally transformed business in the future. You are building upon standard technologies, which are nonetheless supported worldwide for a brighter future of business, once you start with an MES.

Wrapping up!

By now, you must have understood how important MES is to a business. I think it is revolutionary in the world of technology, changing how you and your business would function, only for the better. There is more to it than just tracking the amount of product coming from your production lines. MES is sure to help you gauge benefits for your business you never though of. As I said, it is ease and precision that must be measured and the results from MES are going to surprise you.

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