Innovative Strategies to Ease the Data Centre Management Process

CIOReviewIndia Team | Tuesday, 10 September 2019, 13:17 IST

CIOReviewIndia TeamAs data centres today are no less than the integrated systems comprising of different hardware, software and logical connections that work together to facilitate data transmission for business operations, managing of these highly complicated and advanced data centres is becoming very challenging. Enterprises across the world are investing a lot on the DCIM tools and solutions that help them monitor and maintain data centres and take preventive measure to ensure seamless data operations. It is even more evident from the Technavio’s research report which shows that the Global DCIM Solutions market is expected to become USD 4.12 billion by 2023.

“DCIM reduces the risk while enabling new efficiencies, better capacity forecasting and improved business agility. Yet DCIM remains to be an under-deployed technology due to challenges such as implementing operational changes to support DCIM and difficulties in measuring overall ROI. DMaaS promises to mitigate these challenges and extends DCIM's value,” opines Rhonda Ascierto, Research Director for the Data Centre Technologies and Eco-efficient IT channel at 451 Research. Latest tech-driven strategies in DCIM have enabled for more mature operations in the data centres resulting in hassle free data transfers. Here are some of the current trends in DCIM that are expected to further ease the data centre management process,      

Automation for Cost Savings

Automation in the data centre management was once considered a fantasy. However, the automation is slowly gaining traction as businesses are becoming aware of benefits of bringing industrial automation to their data centre operations. The adoption of automation strategy in managing data centres helps businesses reduce the cost of manual operations and enables full control over the data centre operations.

Cloud-based DMaaS Simplifying the DCIM

The evolution of cloud has enabled for the data centre management as a service i.e. DMaaS, helping enterprises to optimize the IT operations by simplifying the monitoring and servicing of data centres. The cloud based DMaaS provides real-time operational visibility to the data centre operations shortening the resolution times and also eliminates the deployment costs.   

Hybrid Data Centre Management

It combines the traditional on-premises enterprise data centre capacities with off-premises data centre capabilities enabling data centre managers to effectively manage both physical and virtual data centres across various locations including the cloud servers.

Integration with Multiple Systems

Modern day hybrid data centres with multiple teams and various areas of operation, like finance and customer support, demands the connection these systems to correlate the enterprise-wide data across the multiple platforms. The integration process also enables businesses to share data across multiple platforms to keep them updated. 

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