India ranked 12th in the world prone to cyber threats

By CIOReview Team

cybersecurityNovember 10, 2018: As the pace of digital transformation in India is at apex, the vulnerability of the digitization is getting critical.  According to the report of the global cybersecurity firm, Kaspersky Lab, India is ranked 12th globally regarding the proliferating cyberthreats on the web. In Q3, it is also observed that about 32.8 percent of users were attacked by the web-born threats during July and September 2018. Moreover, Kaspersky Lab products detected 48,093,743 Internet-borne malware incidents on the computer of Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) participants in India."It is known that money is the main motivation behind a cyber attack, and India being one of the largest developing populations, cannot afford to be vulnerable online. We need to be more aware and more secure online," said Shrenik Bhayani, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab South Asia.

Several methods are used for the cyber attacks, among them is the method which involves exploiting the vulnerability in the browsers and their plugins. The infection takes place while visiting an infected website, without any intervention from the user and their knowledge. Protection against such attacks requires internet class solutions capable of detecting the threats being downloaded by the internet and automatic installation of the updates of plugins in the browser, as per Kaspersky Lab. The method is popular among cybercriminals.

Another form of attack is Social Engineering to which Indians are easily falling prey. The attack requires user participation in downloading a malicious file into their computers. It happens when the cybercriminals trick victims into believing that they are downloading the legitimate programme. "Protection against such attacks requires a web antivirus solution capable of detecting threats as they are being downloaded from the Internet," as per the report.

Based on the collected data it is concluded that the attacks caused by the malicious threats in India were 0.68 percent of the total incidents happened in Q3 2018.

Recently, the Union Home minister Rajiv Gauba said in a news report that India is vulnerable to cyber threats and does not have enough potential to counter the cyber attacks. "To stay ahead of the attackers one has to adjust and improve, so the technology has to constantly evolve and stay ahead. But have to admit that government does not have an adequate in-house capability, expertise or inherent strength," said Rajiv.

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