Hydrogen Fuel Cells to Replace Traditional Generators in Providing Backup Power

CIOReview Team | Saturday, 06 June 2015, 07:14 IST

Infrastructure solution provider, CommScope has come up with new offer to solve energy issues of small and medium enterprises. They are offering hydrogen fuel cells which can provide up to 16 hours of steady, reliable and eco friendly power. This outdoor cabinet fuel cell solution is about the size of a phone booth and can power-up data centers and telecommunications facilities. This provision of backup power by CommScope is made available via partnership with Hydrogenics Corporation, which designs, manufactures, builds and installs industrial and commercial hydrogen systems. The cell solution converts chemical energy directly into electrical energy without combustion. It caters to the energy requirements without cutting a hole into the maintenance department. The advantage of the solution is that it meets the most rigid environmental standards and protects the electronic equipment from external hazards through efficient cooling techniques. Fuel cells have become more visible as a power source for data centers over the past few years, as vendors, such as Bloom Energy have aggressively pursued the data center market, and some big-name end users, such as eBay and Apple, have deployed fuel cells to power their latest data center facilities. In most modern data centers, fuel cells have been used as an add-on primary power supply. They are powered by diesel generators or natural gas from pipelines and therefore can run continuously. Yet, they could be unreliable when exposed to weather over long periods of time as well as to natural disasters like hurricane. Fuelcells provide the option to fully integrate the principal power and other necessary electronic equipment before being shipped to a cell site, thereby reducing the site construction costs and startup time. They also use less space and do not allow deterioration of units when not in use.

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