How Will VR Affect the Gaming Industry

CIOReviewindia Team | Tuesday, 15 October 2019, 10:51 IST

Reality as people know it is experiencing a change. This change is visible in their everyday lives. The various software of companies is what brings a new meaning to the word reality. Most people nowadays prefer to live in a world of computer-generated reality also known as virtual reality. All the games and apps you use daily are part of this new reality and they will be common pretty soon. The impact of VR is unavoidable and its effect will influence every type of industry, including the gaming one.

VR and Interactive Gaming: Playing Roulette, Poker and Blackjack Online with a Headset

The interactive gaming industry is known for looking for new ways to keep their customers entertained.They’ve morphed many popular casino games into online masterpieces you can play anytime. To increase to availability of the games they made them mobile-friendly and took fans by storm. Thousands of sites offer these types of games so you can play blackjack online at Royal Panda, 888 Casino, JackpotCity or any other online casino. There’s plenty of sites and games to choose from.

VR will help the interactive gaming industry to entertain its players by allowing them to immerse the users into new types of games. With virtual reality casino enthusiasts will be able to play blackjack, poker, roulette or slots in a new environment whereby turning their head they’ll see other players’ avatars and the different tables available for playing. They’ll be placed in a virtual casino.

How Will VR Affect the Gaming Industry

Merging Gaming with Education

Job Simulator is one title that requires a VR headset to be played. Simulated environments can be beneficial for students and future members of the working force. For example, putting history students in a simulated historical event might help them learn quickly about it and aid them in remembering it. Having famous musicians play a solo piano or violin concerto is a more memorable experience than playing the audio of it. Since it’s still in the beginning stages, VR together with AI, will find many ways to help education out.

How Will VR Affect the Gaming Industry

Bringing Emotions to the Equation

Watching a sad scene from your PC or phone is just sad. The music in the background might add to the atmosphere, but it’s still just sad. For a player to feel the sadness of a scene they’d have to be in the scene to feel it. Your character could be brought into a short clip where some old man tells you a tragic story about his life and with a headset, you’ll feel like you’re a part of a real-life conversation. You’ll hear the change of tone in his voice and see his facial expressions. Through virtual reality, you’ll experience emotions in gaming on a whole new level.

A New Era of Collaborative Games

Two-player games are nothing new in the gaming industry. A Way Out is one example of such a game. It combines the skills of 2 players to complete missions. VR will bring a new layer to collaborative games in that it will change the players’ perception. A detailed environment will bring new options in games. Asynchronous gameplay will be revolutionized since the different perceptions will allow players in a group to combine their various information to get through a mission.

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