How to watch Hotstar in the USA

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 06 June 2019, 09:56 IST

How to watch Hotstar in the USA

While people around the world are enjoying entertainment content on different platforms like Hulu and Netflix, Indians have access to Hotstar. No doubt that Netflix is available in India as well but most of the people prefer to use Hotstar. However, the only issue is that most of the content is geo-restricted. That is why if you are not living in India you will not be able to use Hotstar the way that you want.

One more factor you need to consider is that in most regions of the world you cannot even download Hotstar due to restriction issues. So, if you are an Indian living in the USA it will get hard for you to enjoy all the fame content. But do not worry because here we have a few tricks that will allow you to easily watch Hotstar even in the USA without any restrictions.

Reasons to use Hotstar

You might have been wondering why Hotstar is blocked and what are the reasons you should be using this service. The reason Hotstar is blocked to other regions is that it is an entertainment service basically designed for the people of India to enjoy. However, the developers of the app have ignored an important factor that Indians are living around the globe. There are numerous benefits of using Hotstar over Netflix and other such platforms. Here we are going to share a few.

1. Entertainment content which is prepared in India is easily accessible and searchable on Hotstar. You can find all the episodes of all your favorite TV shows on the app without any restrictions.
2. No doubt there are various Indian movies available on Netflix but you cannot find all of them. On the other hand, on Hotstar you can easily find all the old and latest Indian movies in the high quality.
3. The biggest attraction of Hotstar is that it will allow you to watch IPL, a thing you cannot get on other applications. So, if you are a true cricket lover and living in the USA then having Hotstar on your device is a necessity.

Tips to watch Hotstar in the USA

Here we have a few tricks that will make it easier for you to download and watch Hotstar on your phone.

Sign up for Hotstar

You will be surprised to know that on the App Store and Play Store there is special Hotstar USA app available. It is similar to the original Hotstar that works in India, but it has been designed for the people of the USA. It means that you can easily watch all the content that you need. However, an important thing you should know is that you will have to pay for a subscription.

There are various packages for the people of the USA who are planning to watch Hotstar outside India. It means in order to access all the content that you need as well as to get quality results you will have to pay a decent amount of money. This is the biggest reason most of the people outside India do not use Hotstar. They do not want to pay a lot of money for the services. And again, do not worry because we have some other techniques for you that will allow to not only use Hotstar anywhere in the world but also you will not have to pay anything for the services.

Use a VPN

In this age of science and technology, you must be familiar with a VPN. It is special software that will hide the IP address and location of your device. This way you can get access to any type of content that you need from around the world only by selecting the right server. Here we have a step by step guide that provides the way to watch Hotstar in the USA with the help of a VPN:

  • Select the best VPN service for the device that will provide you the protection and services you need.
  • Switch on the VPN in order to hide your location and IP address. When launching the VPN you will see many servers from around the world. You should select India as your server.
  • Once India is your server you can easily download the Hotstar that has been designed for Indians. Sign up like a regular Indian would and you will surely enjoy it the way that you want.

The benefits of using a VPN is that you can get access to most of the free content that is available on Hotstar. It will allow you to save a decent amount of money. Another benefit is that you will have to pay a reasonable amount of money for the subscriptions that you have bought.

Change your region

In case you are unable to get access to a VPN because of some issues do not worry because there is another option available. Before downloading Hotstar on your phone you should change the location or region of your phone. This way your location will appear as India and you can download and use Hotstar like an Indian. Here is a small guide on how to do it.

Play store users

Visit the Play website and sign in using your Google ID. It should be your Indian Google ID. On the left sidebar, you will get the settings button. Here you can easily change your region to India. Make sure that you change your name and address as well.

App store users

Go to the settings section in your device > Click on your name > Select iTunes and App store > Select the View Apple ID option > Verify if required > Select the option of region/country > Follow instructions to change the region.

Bottom line

Using a VPN is one of the safest and inexpensive techniques available. However, you have to be careful during the selection of your VPN provider. Make sure that you find a reliable VPN that will easily offer you the services that you have been looking for. There are free and paid VPN available in the market. You should invest in the one you are most comfortable with.

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