How to DIY Your Wedding Dress: Some Tips from Professionals

Cioreviewindia | Monday, 30 July 2018, 09:50 IST

How to DIY Your Wedding Dress: Some Tips from Professionals

We all want our wedding to be one in a million, and having the perfect dress is an essential aspect of our special day. There’s nothing more unique and beautiful than DIYing your own wedding dress to make it look even more stunning. You can add some beading or extra lace to make it even better than when you bought it. If you decide to DIY your wedding dress, be sure to take our advice below and practice before you start on your real dress as it could go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Jessica a designer from JJ’s House suggest you purchase a wedding dress before you start planning all your DIY ideas. When you have an image in your head of what you want the dress to look like, then you can begin to add what you want without worry it will go wrong. You may find a wedding dress you love, but it needs something more (maybe sequins?). The only way to indeed make sure you have a wedding dress you love, you have to take matters into your own hands.

Add Some Beautiful Beading

Certain bridal dresses can be plain and simple if you want something a little different then add some beading. These can be coloured or the same ivory as your dress, maybe if your bridesmaids are wearing pink dresses, then your beads can match. Merely stitch them where you see fit, it could be in a cute pattern or just a small line around your waist. There are so many patterns and designs you can do with beads that will add a little something else to your dress too.

Create a New Neckline Design

You often love a bride dress but would like to change the neckline design. Maybe you prefer an off the shoulder design or strapless? Whatever you feel would suit your figure, you can create it. Using sewing equipment, detach any areas of the neckline you no longer want and then stitch up the rest, so it creates a more flattering design. You could add some lace or sheen details to the neckline to accentuate it even more if you wish. Many women love to show off their collarbones during their wedding day if this is an asset you like about yourself then be sure to create a neckline in favour of it.

Make an Extra Long Train

Not all dresses will have a train long enough for you to enjoy your wedding day. You can always buy extra fabric and add more length to the train with ease, just attach it to the inside of your dress after you’ve ensured it’s the same colour and material. If you want to be a little unique, then you can add some colour to your train by finding a sheer pink or blue, then sewing that one. It’s unique, and you won’t find anything like it when looking at the shop bought designs. It’s the best way to add your own flare on your dress.

Even if you don’t decide to do any of these DIY ideas, making your day as special as possible is your top priority. Ensure you’re happy with your dress and that you feel like a real princess. You’ll be able to walk down the aisle with confidence too.

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