How spy phone apps help control teens

Cioreviewindia | Thursday, 20 September 2018, 12:06 IST

How spy phone apps help control teens

We live in the age that is both busy and crazy; sometimes one often loses a track of what is happening around them. No, it’s not you who should be blamed; it’s our modern technologically-driven world, which is a boon as well as a curse in some ways. If you are a working parent and trying to manage both work and home together, then you should be applauded.

But do you actually know each of your kid’s friends? Or do you keep a track of your kid’s online activities while you are away or taking a nap?

Why should you spy on your kid’s mobile activity?

Investigation data suggests that thousands of kids and teens go missing each year and most of these results from either online dating or social media interaction. Few kids are reported to be abducted by individuals who they met in an online game. Did you get how crucial is to get into the phones of your kids and hunt for details just to protect your child?

How to protect your kids?

These days every kid has got their personal phone, so you just have to install registered authentic tracking software like spy phone android on their device. It is not recommended to go for free tracking software which is of no actual use to you. Once you have installed the app, the app will send you the data files you wish to receive on your phone. Spy software does quite a lot than spying, it also lets you know whether any other kid or adult is bugging or bullying your kid, which your kid may be too shy to admit. You can also get notified whether your kid is going to tuition classes or is hanging out in the mall, all thanks to the location sensor.

How can a spy phone app help you monitor your kids?

1. You would get the updates sitting at your meeting

After installation of the device; you need to set some controls as to what alerts and reports you to want to receive. Accordingly, these are sent to your device when a similar activity occurs. For example, if you have preset the controls to receive information whenever someone calls or sends a message to your kid, you would get instantly notified when the call is taking place.

2. Parental filters

If you don’t have time to scrutinize your child’s online activity, but you can’t really shut your internet connection because of work issues, then setting filters on certain websites would resolve this issue. For example, if you think the content of adult sites are vulgar then simply filter it so that even if your kid is keen to enter, he/she can’t get access to it.

3. Block the bad influencers

If you think your kid connects with someone much older or who is not much of a good influence then you can keep his/her number in the block list without even letting your kid know about it. After that, your kid can no longer receive texts, calls or other media files from that number.

4. Avail deleted content

If your kid thinks he can get away by deleting files or text messages from the phone, then he/she is wrong. Even after they delete it, your spy app would retrieve the files and then sent it over to you. Thanks to this monitoring software which enables you to save all the data for future references so that you can teach your kid some lessons!

You can now get all these all in spy hoverwatch. With a top-notch security system to keep you and your family secure at all times, this is the perfect application to monitor your kids’ online activities.

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