How Immersive Learning is Transforming Education

Vishal Pratap Singh | Thursday, 29 July 2021, 14:46 IST

Immersive Learning has become a major trend in education. In fact, in today’s time and age when there are distractions everywhere, catching the attention of students is one thing but to keep them engaged throughout the learning process is a challenge for almost every teacher. As educators are always looking for new ways to transfer knowledge more effectively, easily and precisely, they have turned towards Immersive Learning. Immersive Learning necessitates the use of a simulated environment which helps in encouraging the students to a level where they start participating in the learning process in a more engaging way.  

Through the help of Immersive Learning, students have been introduced to simulated environments which are as real as the actual world. Therefore, it becomes easy for students to learn and directly apply it to real life. Earlier, the way students used to learn things did not involve interaction with the physical environment. So, what they understood through that learning was entirely dependent upon their imagination. “The only possibility by which Immersive Learning can reach out to masses is via government initiatives or by using innovative ideas,” says Rishi Ahuja, founder, Klip VR, a Delhi based startup.

Cultivating the curiosity  

The concepts which the formal way of education has failed to explain to students can be understood simply by Immersive Learning. It cultivates the curiosity inside students and intrigues them to learn in a joyful manner. It recreates the scenario that existed long ago using technology. Scenes like how the surface of moon looks in real, how galaxy looks, can be easily seen and so it becomes possible to explore such places in a more realistic and captivating way through Immersive Learning.

Immersive Learning subjects the students to the actual practice of the concepts which they have learned from theory. It can help students from engineering and medical field and enable them to master their skills in a more precise manner. With the help of technology, Immersive Learning has become a reality rather than an impossible notion. Incorporating the blend of virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality for the purpose of learning in the classroom is for the benefit of students.

The adoption of Immersive Learning in education has been found to facilitate shared understanding in academics. As the Immersive Learning is an advanced way of learning, it enables more accurate and realistic visualization. It has the potential to transform how educational content gets delivered. Immersive Learning is all set to make great strides across the globe. By default, students are more likely to remember something which they have experienced or gone through rather than reading, listening or watching. Immersive Learning has the ability to boost memory retention.

Challenges in the Adoption of Immersive Learning

Notwithstanding its benefits, there are some challenges of Immersive Learning which need to be addressed. There is no doubt in the fact that Immersive Learning can play an important role in the future of education if these challenges are resolved. Many educational institutes are already financially strapped. Investing a huge amount of money into this latest technology plus setting up all the essential safeguards makes the adoption of Immersive Learning difficult. Before implementing Immersive Learning, both teachers and students need to become friendly with this technique of learning.

There will be a period of transition for them for which they need to be ready. The challenge will be to leave the old formats of learning, i.e., learning from blackboard and textbook, and get comfortable with this new format.

Expensive Equipment

Not all schools would be able to afford the equipment required for this learning process, i.e., headsets. Government needs to interfere in this scenario and look after all the low budgeted schools or institutions and make sure that they too avail the benefits of Immersive Learning. Until and unless the price of the equipment goes down, it will remain out of reach for all the low budget institutes.

Content Disparity

The players of this segment need to make great content if they want to succeed in this new market. Although, Immersive Learning is a new sector, content is a big challenge here. It has the power to drive this sector if handled carefully. Players need to make original content to attract the attention of consumers.

Implementing Immersive Learning Effectively

There are few practices through which Immersive Learning can be implemented in a more effective manner. The user needs to adopt the right Immersive technology depending upon the requirement of his job. For example, if a student wants to study about the moon, Virtual Reality will be more suitable for him as compared to Augmented Reality.

Ensuring to grab the attention and focus of the learner for long time is the main objective of Immersive Learning, so the content needs to be more user-friendly. Be it primary school kids or college students, the content consumed by them should be closely monitored by higher educational authorities and needs to consider their tech levels and tolerance. Through careful monitoring, the end objective of true learning can be realized.

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