HGST to bolster SAS SSD family through New Ultrastar 12Gbs SAS SSD Portfolio

CR Team | Thursday, 31 July 2014, 05:47 IST

Bangalore: A market leader in enterprise hard disk drives, HGST has introduced its new SAS SSD portfolio which encompasses Ultrastar SSD800MH.B, Ultrastar SSD1600MM and Ultrastar SSD1600MR. Built upon the award-winning first generation Ultrastar 12Gb/s SAS SSDs, the novel frameworks are engineered to support online transaction processing, cloud computing, online gaming, big data analytics and on the like applications that requires fast and reliable data storage.

HGST is a Western Digital Company (NASDAQ: WDC), which provides hard disk drives, enterprise-class solid state drives, and external storage solutions which are known for their quality, reliability and innovation. The company has branched out its locations in U.S., Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and China serving innovative and reliable solutions to its clientele. HGST kept one step forward and with Intel, it has developed SAS SSDs incorporating its enterprise storage experience with Intel’s NAND Flash expertise.

Backed up by HGST’s 12Gb/s SAS technology and Intel’s 20 nanometer (nm) high endurance enterprise-grade MLC NAND memory, Ultrastar SAS SSDs create new price and performance points. This feature also makes the Ultrastar SAS SSDs excel in key total cost of ownership (TCO) metrics. The new range of products which play the major role as the building blocks of servers and storage systems, provide many benefits such as high product reliability, high performance and wide range of capacities along with data security options.  

“HGST leads the industry in SAS SSDs, which continue to be the preferred storage building blocks for a large variety of server and storage systems that support a growing set of data-intensive enterprise applications,” says Ulrich Hansen, Vice President, SSD Product Marketing, HGST. “As our OEM, cloud and enterprise customers implement solutions to meet a variety of storage needs, SSDs and HDDs will increasingly be deployed in tiered pools of storage based on respective TCO strengths. HGST is in a unique position of offering a complete enterprise storage portfolio with leading solutions in both product categories”.

“The adoption of Intel 20nm enterprise-grade MLC NAND illustrates the commitment of both companies to continue to develop outstanding performance and endurance in the Ultrastar SAS SSD family. With the new HGST Ultrastar SAS SSD family, customers are offered higher performance and the ability to develop a broad range of application acceleration solutions,” says Rob Crooke, Vice President and General Manager, Intel’s Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group.

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