Heading South From Goa to Karwar - A Road Trip Adventure

CIOReviewndia Team | Thursday, 27 December 2018, 12:07 IST

The drive to Karwar from Goa is a delightful expedition, a sojourn into the less-explored coastline away from the buzzing shacks and party beaches of the latter. Located on the north-western tip of Karnataka, the town of Karwar is a base for many adventurous excursions into that varied and scenic countryside. The trip to Karwar too is an experience in itself.

While planning such trips, it is essential that as travelers, we do not compromise on the logistics. After all, the best road trips are those where transport is just an afterthought. We booked a Savaari cab from Goa to Karwar and chose the route via NH66 – traversing through the densely forested hills known for their precious eco-systems and catching glimpses of dramatic shorelines.

A Wildlife Paradise

If you are willing to enjoy some detours on the way, then you will be surprised by some of Western India’s most pristine wilderness areas. East of the route, a host of national parks and sanctuaries provide refuge to some of the most iconic species of India.

We were recommended a stop at the Cotigaon Sanctuary, which is a short half-hour drive from Canacona, one of the stops en route to Karwar. One of the highlights here is a tall watchtower tucked in one of the dense groves. From the summit, we got to relish very panoramic scenery of the surrounding forests, including a waterhole that is frequented by the animals.

Heading South From Goa to Karwar – A Road  Trip Adventure

We had to keep our eyes peeled to catch views of the arboreal citizens – the flying squirrels with their bushy tails, numerous antelopes, and myriad bird species. An ornithologist would have certainly done a better job identifying the feathered attractions, of which there were many.

The Majestic Kali

As we entered Karwar, we were awestruck by the landscape. The region is carved by the majestic rush of the Kali River which flows into the Arabian Sea. The riverine landscape coupled with the never-ending horizon of the ocean shows up at some strategic viewpoints, and our entourage did not miss the opportunity to catch some of it on our phones (albeit never an accurate representation of the actual sight). After all, what is a beautiful view without a couple of hashtags?

A visit to Sadashiv Fort is the best place to catch a view of the estuary – where the river meets the sea. The hilltop fort is not a large structure, so the hike up was not such a big deal. After soaking in the river and sea views, we decided to continue our way into the town of Karwar.

Karwar – A Place for Seafood Lovers

This coastal journey would have been incomplete without a mention of the culinary treasures of Karwar. We checked into the Amrut restaurant based on recommendations and dug into a table of seafood like hungry peasants. Oysters, crab, and mussels were the highlights of our impromptu banquet, which also came at a low price. The creamy textures of the curries and the freshness of the catch provided an unforgettable dining experience and rejuvenated us for the sights and sounds of the town.

Heading South From Goa to Karwar – A Road  Trip AdventureAs the day came to an end, we made sure we spent the golden hour at the beach. The sunsets of Karwar are glorious, and standing on the sands of the Rabindranath Tagore Beach, watching the fiery orange globe melting into darkening waters, I was glad that I chose this destination.

The best part of the Karwar journey was that we could stop wherever we want and make detours accordingly. A regular bus or cab option might not have made that possible. For those interested to take this trip, rent a car from Goa that is affordable as well as reliable. Savaari offered us the best rates, and we had a comfortable, secure ride.

It was a day to cherish indeed!

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