Google's 'Hash Code 2021' - Coding Competition Goes Virtual

CIOReviewIndia Team | Wednesday, 13 January 2021, 08:46 IST

Google’s flagship team programming competition – Hash Code 2021 is set to start in the virtual platform due to the ongoing pandemic.

‘Hash Code 2021’ will start from the Online Qualifications on February 25 and complete in April with ‘Virtual World Finals’.

Hash Code is designated for students and professionals, where people can select team and programming language and Google selects an engineering problem for them to solve.

2021’s contest starts with Online Qualification, where your team can compete virtually from wherever you’d like, alongside your virtual hub, an online meet up where teams from the same university, coding club, office or organization can compete alongside one another.

Google, on Tuesday, in a statement said, "Join developers around the world as they grow their coding skills and work to optimise real Google engineering problems."

The registration for the competition is now open.

Hash Code problems are based off of real Google engineering problems.

The previous years’ challenges have covered automating smartphone assembly and designing the layout of a Google data centre.

Google said that the beauty of Hash Code is that there is no right answer to any of its questions.

Google said, “The problems for each round are optimisation problems, meaning you and your team can submit a solution, optimise it and submit it again. Because there is no right answer, your team can submit multiple solutions during a round.”

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