GoDaddy partners with EduSkills to help boost digital skills development in India

CIOReviewIndia Team | Thursday, 15 October 2020, 04:31 IST

godaddyeduskillsToday, GoDaddy, the one-stop solution provider for entrepreneurs, announced a partnership with EduSkills, which is a non-profit social enterprise, helping entrepreneurship and digital skilling in India. Through this partnership, GoDaddy and EduSkills aim at creating a talent pool of thousands of skilled youth in the country. It will offer GoDaddy’s newly created online training and certification programme, GoDaddy Academy. Adding to this, the programme also aims at training educators in EduSkills’ 800+ partner universities and engineering colleges in India. The partnership will help in empowering students and educators in gaining knowledge and expertise required to flourish in today’s evolving digital world.

The GoDaddy Academy is renowned for offering a combination of elementary and advanced technology courses, in an innovative and participative learning environment, which is creating a unique learning journey suited for digital career goals. The courses cover basic coding language concepts like HTML and JavaScript and advanced topics like Database and Cloud applications. There is a wide variety of modular courses which ranges from basics of building a professional website and a more feature enriched WordPress website, which includes tools, and ideas for digital marketing, SEO and other digital topics.

Shubhajit Jagadev, Executive Director, EduSkills, said, “The ongoing pandemic has definitely made Indians rethink about their career options, with many employers around the world choosing candidates with technical skills and other proficiencies needed to adjust to the new ways of working in a digital environment. We at EduSkills, have a strong vision to extend Industry 4.0 skills to higher education institutions and students across the nation. We believe that the GoDaddy Academy certifications will be an important addition helping to make our students more employable and relevant in the job market. We are excited to partner with GoDaddy for this initiative and work towards creating a digital skills ecosystem that prepares India’s workforce for jobs of the future.”

Nikhil Arora, Vice President and Managing Director, GoDaddy India expressed his views saying, “With the variety of challenges and uncertainties being experienced by this global pandemic, digital technology has become integral to the way the world operates, especially in a developing nation like India. This has opened up avenues for young Indians to develop new age technology skill sets and explore differentiated career opportunities. We believe that the students who embrace these digital skills today will be the skilled entrepreneurs of tomorrow, shaping the future of a digital first India in the post COVID-19 new normal environment. Through our collaboration with EduSkills, we aim to help further digital readiness among the country’s youth and hope to create a vast pool of GoDaddy-certified web professionals better positioned to get qualified career placements in the industry.”

All the partner educational institutions in India (Technical Universities, Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics and Science Colleges) are invited by EduSkills for becoming a part of this holistic approach and utilize the benefits of the expert technologies and business courses, which are parts of the GoDaddy Academy Programme.

GoDaddy offers an integrated suite of products for small business owners and entrepreneurs, which ranges from domain names, hosting, website building, email marketing, security protections, and online store. There is 24/7 customer support from GoDaddy, available in regional languages, for helping the customers in the growth of their respective ventures, and utilizing the best suited tools.

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