GIS - A Game-Changer In Bringing Sustainability In Agriculture

CIOReviewIndia Team | Tuesday, 07 January 2020, 13:41 IST

GIS - A Game-Changer In Bringing Sustainability In Agriculture   India has always been an agricultural intensive country with large portion of population indulging themselves on various agricultural practices across the country. Moreover, it has a crucial effect on the country’s overall economy as well. However, farmers are still not being able to increase their income due to many complex challenges surrounding inappropriate method, improper knowledge/farmer techniques and lack of proper tools. Moreover, natural calamities such as floods, droughts swarms of insects have been plaguing Indian agriculture for centuries. With advancements in technologies and evolution of numerous agricultural methods, India is slowly digitizing the agricultural practices so as to increase productivity, while as well as sustain the environment with eco-friendly methods.  One technology advancements which has been a boom for the farmers and other related stakeholders in Agriculture industry is GIS (Geographic Information System). 

Farming industry has been seeing quite noticeable benefits from the adoption of GIS; empowering farmers to analyze and visualize agricultural environments and workflows which increases production, reduces costs, and help in managing their land resources more efficiently. GIS application also plays a crucial role in monitoring and managing soil and irrigation of farm land through mapping capabilities. This technology also aids in managing and controlling various resources that are crucial to agriculture industry. GIS has given Farming Scientists and farmers to create more effective and farming techniques to map and project the present and the future changes/fluctuations in temperature, precipitation, crop output, among others.  GIS also provides needed information about the soil condition so as to determine which crops suits best for that particular soil and also safeguards soil nutrition levels to yield better quality crops. Furthermore, GIS can be a very crucial factor in overcoming the food shortage across the globe by providing proper understanding of all the parameters needed to balance the ever increasing population and the output of agricultural products.

However, most of the Indian farmers are still aloof of the benefits that GIS can provide, hence, spreading awareness of such technologies across the country and helping farmers to understand its features and benefits to fill the current void that Indian Agricultural Industry has is the utmost need of the hour - Developing a technology backed agricultural practices to properly sustain this industry for future.

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