Fujifilm extends its legacy in imaging solutions in India with hi-tech innovation

CIOReviewIndia Team | Tuesday, 02 March 2021, 04:21 IST

FujifilmThrough its ‘leadingedge’ innovative technologies, Fujifilm is creating global products and services that cater to the imaging wishes of enterprises and individuals, while also optimistically contributing to the environment and our ecosystem.

For a brand acknowledged to be the pioneer in creating memories by capturing the most beautiful moments of life and helping them to be carved in our memories, Fujifilm has made transformative contributions to some of the critical aspects of everyday life. Preserving experiences and human emotions, the company has always worked with a single-point focus of ‘Never Stop’ in its venture to make the most of modern technology.

The brand is relentlessly working to advance imaging technology with the intention of bringing more prosperity and colour to everyday life. Intending to provide consumers and communities with technologically advanced products to address their needs and lifestyle, Fujifilm’s legacy and innovation in imaging solutions are helping it realise ‘value from innovation’ while creating a ‘sustainable society’.

“To raise awareness about the diversification of Fujifilm’s business portfolio to the audience and our determination to ‘Never Stop’ taking on challenges to contribute to society, we launched the ‘Never Stop’ global branding campaign in 2018. In its present avatar, we are showcasing that Fujifilm is now actively engaged and creating new value in a wide array of medical business fields along with the existing photography business.

The campaign tagline also conveys our determination to communicate to the global audience that Fujifilm will ‘Never Stop’ working until all issues have been eradicated,” says Haruto Iwata, managing director, Fujifilm India.

Transforming medical imaging

The medical imaging feature of the tech-driven healthcare industry is rapidly proliferating. From early detection to implementing targeted advanced treatments, the usage of imaging has been exploding, crossing the dominions of diagnostics to effectively contribute to prevention and therapy. Technology and related innovations have also contributed to lowering costs in healthcare.

Fujifilm has a legacy of innovation in the healthcare space and continues to invest in preventive healthcare technology through its diversified range of products and solutions. Leveraging the latest advancements led by AI and IoT, the company has been at the centre of creating an ecosystem driving precise, intelligent and accessible solutions oriented towards better outcomes. With its cutting-edge innovation in products like digital radiography, endoscopy, ultrasound and healthcare IT , the company has been focused on revolutionising the medical imaging ecosystem.

Catering to the earned faith of demanding medical and imaging professionals, Fuji film has always strived to maintain the highest standards of quality and is continuously pursuing technological innovation. Speaking about the campaign, Koji Wada, general manager, Medical Division, Fujifilm India says, “Fuji film India has always been at the forefront of healthcare innovation. For us, it has been about celebrating the ‘Never Stop’ spirit of people and inspiring them to learn the possibilities that good care can bring. We are aiming at shaping the future of healthcare in India with our leading technologies, equipments and solutions. This year, we are showcasing the ways in which we help touch the lives of people through these technologies to lead healthier lives.”

Brand promise: Innovation

India has emerged as a key market for Fujifilm delivering breathtaking growth. The idea behind ‘Never Stop’ was to beam focus on Fujifilm’s legacy and expertise in the global imaging industry and highlight the relentless drive to make innovation bedrock to its growth and commitment to the industry and the country.

The campaign is concentrated at building resonance and connection with the consumers at large and showcases the brand’s promise of introducing innovative products and services as well as its belief in innovation. Creating a lively and conducive environment to help every individual maximise their capabilities has been at the core of Fujifilm’s way of functioning. And like every successful organisation, human wealth forms the foundation of the ‘Never Stop’ vision.

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