Environment-Friendly Data Centers Gathering Steam

By CIOReview Team

The various Research and Development entities’ massive effort to make Data Centers more efficient is starting to bear fruits. International market research and market data firm, Research and Markets, has released a new report titled ‘Concise Analysis of the International Green Data Center Market’ that focuses on the growth and major trends of the eco-friendly Data Center market over the coming years. Analysts predict that the global Green Data Center market is to witness growth at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 29.48 percent between 2012 and 2016. According to the research firm, increased deployment of Data Centers is one of the major contributing factors to this growth. The extensive amount of work that is being done on enhancing every aspect of Data Centers, so as to increase the performance while facilitating better airflow, and in turn, bringing down the operational costs are driving enterprises to adopt Green Data Centers. However, they also expect huge capital investments to hinder the growth. Companies are reluctant to bear the high costs of overhauling their current infrastructures, as huge investments are required to get hold of the components for these eco-friendly facilities. But, even the traditional Data Centers will increase the operational costs in the long run, courtesy of their outdated components. Today, companies are focusing on investments in unified communications through different models, including investments in technologies covering enterprise Internet Protocol telephony. “The reduction in the hardware price of IP telephony systems provides an incentive for enterprises to adopt IP telephony,” comments an analyst. The market is also witnessing vendors providing hybrid private branch exchange systems enabling enterprises to benefit from next-generation IP solutions without replacing their existing systems.

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