Effort of Data Centre to Meet Evolving Technology

CIOReview Team | Saturday, 06 June 2015, 07:39 IST

With the end number of software applications today, the organizations always seems to be at a loss as to how to keep up with the changing market landscape to meet the users’ requirements. Earlier “single pane of glass” formula was adopted, that is, one application for one day and it was a common concept but at the same time a generalized one. As software applications are continuously growing, it is also becoming complex. From development standpoint also it is not possible for the vendors to keep updating their software to support the latest platform, as reported by Doug Hazelman of Network Computing. As the new technology comes in, the functioning of data centre also changes resulting in the disruption of work and making the specialized vendors run with their software and hardware to manage and protect it. This, therefore, forces many established data centre technologies to gear up with the new one to support virtualization resulting in the frustration and howling for a “single pane of window.” This picture is one-sided and if we flip the picture to other side then the question arises - is it really possible in the present context to opt for only one application to get away with the confusion. In the present landscape that is perhaps not possible because every company wants personalized services to meet the varying requirements of the market. Consequently the situation has taught that people want choice and favor easy-to-use technologies. With the advent of technologies everyday in the data centre, it has become imperative to employ technologies to meet the right tool for the required job.

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