Document Foundation launches LibreOffice 4.4 with a fresh UI

CIOReview Team | Saturday, 27 June 2015, 06:20 IST

FERMONT, CA: Document Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting open-source document handling software, launches LibreOffice 4.4. The new version allows bug-reducing code scan and has a fresh user interface (UI) with user friendly menus and toolbars.

LibreOffice 4.4 is compatible with, Microsoft Office Open Extensible Markup Language (OOXML) documents, Microsoft Publisher; import options for Mac file formats including Adobe Pagemaker and MacDraw. This solution is compatible with the operating systems including  Linux x64 (deb), Linux x64 (rpm), Linux x86 (deb), Linux x86 (rpm), Mac OS X (x86_64 10.8 or newer required), and Windows.

The new version includes default sidebar, cut, copy and paste actions at the top of right-click menu, ‘Paste Special’ as a sub-menu in right-click menu, Infobar indicating ‘read-only’ mode, Firefox Themes at bottom bar, improved OpenGL framework, allowing connection to OneDrive directly from LibreOffice, ‘Carlito’ and ‘Caladea’ fonts (Windows).

It also includes default templates, visual editing of impress master pages, improved ‘Track Changes’ facility, improved import filters for file formats from various software, and support for media, reports, Joey-Elijah Sneddon from OMG! UBUNTU!

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