Deutsche Bank to recruit 1,000 techies in India in 2021

CioreviewIndia team | Thursday, 11 March 2021, 06:38 IST

Deutsche BankDeutsche Bank’s tech centres in India are recruiting 1,000 employees this year to grow its in-house engineering capabilities. Out of the 1,000, it has already hired 300 graduates from top engineering institutes in the country. They will join the bank in July. The remaining would be later hires.

Tech graduates undergo two six-participate in the one-year global continuous development programme, after which they receive their final placements. The graduates hone their skills as full-stack developers that provide them a broad understanding of various aspects of tech development.

“Our software engineers in India are working on the bank’s top 50 programmes and 60% of our people are concentrated on engineering. Some of the platforms that we support in India include those for big data and analytics, the data lake platform, and the HR, credit risk and market risk platforms,” said Ash malik, head of India technology centres in Deutsche Bank.

The bank hires from the IITs, NITs, BITS Pilani, and visited close to 40 campuses this year. The graduate programme started in India in 2017 with 57 graduates and went up to 150 in the subsequent three years. Deutsche bank presently has around 4,000 employees between its Bengaluru and Pune tech centres.

The India tech team has contributed to developing big data and high-performance computing architectures to replicate methodology for value at risk (VAR), an important market risk measure, which sees the bank’s portfolios being reprised daily using historical simulations over a given period. Covid-19 also accelerated the use of digital signatures across all stakeholder groups including the bank clients, vendor partners and suppliers for documents and contracts.

The teams in India certify that digital signatures are adopted and integrated into business processes and workflows. Malik said Deutsche Bank India has a popular design and architecture club which has 12-15 architects. Employees in the firm can get their solutions, design and code reviewed by this crack team of technologists.

Last year, Deutsche Bank said it's committed to spending a total of 13 billion euros on IT from 2019 to 2022 to accelerate its shift into newer digital models. In the same year, Deutsche bank and Google Cloud entered into strategic, multi-year partnership to accelerate the bank’s transition to the cloud and co-innovate novel products and services.

Malik said that the corporation redefines how products and services will be delivered. “Evrybody will be put through training on Google Cloud including the leadership teams in India. We will peak somewhere around 2023 when we will have a large-scale migration to the cloud. We are building a pool of cloud-ready talent to navigate a hybrid cloud environment,” he said.


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