Design Principles for Creating Pop up Stands

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 25 June 2019, 05:17 IST

Design Principles for Creating Pop up Stands

In a trade show, an average attendee only spends six seconds looking at displays in each booth. This critical period is enough for the visitor to decide whether your booth is worth checking out or if they should move on to the next exhibit. Because the amount of time to make an impression is so short, it is critical to ensure that all your displays are on point. How eye-catching and engaging your booth displays are will directly impact how much attention you get from potential customers.

One of the most common types of displays used in trade shows is a pop up stand. It is quick to set up,economical, and flexible. Even big-name brands still use pop-up stands to augment their state-of-the-art displays. In this article, we will cover the basic principles of designing a pop-up stand that will guarantee to impress visitors in your next trade show exhibit.

Importance of visibility in designing a pop-up stand

Pop-up stands come in a range of shapes and sizes. If you want to maximise the effect of the stand, you need to ensure display visibility. Each pop-up stand consists of D-shaped panels and multiple centre panels. Each of the end panels wraps around the stand, which gives the stand a curved appearance.

It is slightly more challenging to design the end panels because the D-shape means it is only visible at certain angles. The best way to ensure that designs are visible in your pop-up stand is to divide the space into thirds. A good display designer will know this principle and should have templates ready for you to choose from.

Creating a stylish and eye-catching pop-up stand design

Designing a pop-up stand ultimately depends on your brand vision. But you need to keep in mind that you are looking to catch the attention of exhibit attendees, which is why aesthetics need to be carefully balanced with visibility. Pop-up stands do not need to provide in-depth information about your products or services. The purpose of a pop-up stand is to catch attention, enough to allow your marketing team to proceed with product demos or presentations.

Sell product benefits, not features

Most companies today, especially those that manufacture tech products focus on selling features to consumers. In designing displays for trade shows, first, you must focus on highlighting the benefits of the products or services you offer. Next comes selling the features to interested consumers.

In trade shows, you will likely come face to face with competitors selling similar products. If you want to stand out, find a way to attract the attention of customers by selling benefits that only your products can offer.

Consistency in branding

Trade shows are only one place where customers can interact with your brand. Make sure that marketing materials are consistent with the company’s social media accounts and website. The colour scheme you use for pop-up stands should complement the brand logo and design. Branding consistency helps in increasing customer recognition as well as promoting a seamless transition from presentation to closing a sale.

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