Dell Digital is poised to lead next phase of transformation by leveraging edge to core to cloud solutions

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  • Dell Technologies has dramatically transformed its business since the going-private transaction in 2013 and has become the leader in both traditional and emerging technologies
  • EMC and VMware acquisition enabled us to become a power house in the technology infrastructure 
  • Today, we are #1 in everything, all in one place – servers, storage, pc, infra software
  • This transformation enabled us to quickly respond to the changing IT landscape
  • Our continued investment in R&D over $12.8B in the past three years has made us a leading global end-to-end IT solutions and is a key enabler of transformative IT trends, including multi-cloud management, edge computing, Internet of things, digitisation and Artificial Intelligence
  • Our approach is based on FIVE imperatives: OPEN, AGILE, SECURE, SOFTWARE DEFINED & DATA ANALYTICS DRIVEN infrastructure 
  • Our vision is to deliver from EDGE to CORE to CLOUD 
Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index:
India is the most digitally mature country in the world
91% of the business leaders in India believe that digital transformation should be more widespread, compared to 78% globally
Almost half (48% in India) (51% globally), believe they’ll struggle to meet changing customer demands within five years
The top five barriers to digital transformation success in India:
Data privacy and security concerns
Regulation and legislative changes
Lack of the right in-house skill sets and expertise
Information overload
Weak digital governance and structure
In India, 61 percent are developing in-house digital skills and talent, by teaching all employees how to code for instance, up from 26 percent in 2016 (Globally: Currently 46 percent, 27 percent in 2016)
Top technology investments for the next one-three years in India:
Internet of Things tech
Multi-cloud environment
Artificial Intelligence
Compute Centric Approach
Dell Technologies: Emerging technologies of future - 
In the fourth revolution, disruptive technologies have been replacing the conventional platforms with artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), cloud, robotics and automation. The same has also been corroborated by IDC data stating that emerging technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain, cloud and analytics are becoming the new focus areas for the end-users in India
We are sharpening our focus on technologies like AI suite comprising machine learning and deep learning, IoT, robotics, human-machine partnerships—all in an effort to stay relevant in the digital world
Dell Technologies is at the forefront helping customers deploy well-run hybrid and multi-cloud solutions
Transforming people:
In 2018, we continued to invest in the modern tools and technology that deliver One Dell, One Experience across our global workforce. This means having a unified experience across the technology and resources for team members to be their best and do their best work every day, anytime, from anywhere. 
In doing so, we redesigned and relaunched our intranet site Inside Dell Technologies as a modern digital experience with unified navigation and improved search to be a valuable resource to our 100,000+ team members. 
We also deployed a solution giving team members access to their email and calendars without connecting through VPN (Virtual Private Network) to make it easier for them to collaborate and get work done. 
We also expanded our videoconferencing options by launching a unified videoconference experience with modern cloud-based collaboration tools, and we streamlined password authentication using fingerprint and facial recognition technology to provide seamless verification and access to our team members. 
We also deepened our commitment to contemporary IT support – in person and online – and developed new modern digital means for communicating technology deployments and enhancements.
Another area we continue to make significant improvements in is our Day One employee experience. This year, nearly all new hires had the technology, pre-set credentials, and access to intranet, email, videoconferencing tools, calendars, and file sharing to collaborate with other team members on their first day of work.
Inspiring Team Members:
The heart of Dell Digital is our innovative and inspiring team members – the GAME CHANGERS. We have teams of people across the globe who were rewarded for their innovations that improved customer experience, new hire experience, and business operations. 
Last year, we introduced you to the Dell Digital Way – a cultural shift whereby we began using a direct, simplified, and streamlined approach to work together across functions to design, develop, iterate, and deliver new products and services. 
We adopted practices like test-driven development, paired programming, developer experience, DevOps, behavior driven development, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) across key ecosystems. In the simplest terms, the Dell Digital Way is about how we do everything digital. 
This year, we have transformed virtually every corner of our own IT function by staying focused, executing, and delivering business value and higher quality at a higher velocity. We are managing our digital portfolio and leveraging agile tools and processes to enable more efficient data driven decision making and governance. 
To accelerate delivery, we pioneered an innovative development approach where the solution was deployed and tested extensively by a subset of beta customers in an actual production  environment. This provided a much more accurate way of finding and fixing system pricing defects before a live product launch. Delivered in just nine months, the solution debuted successfully with the launch of VxRail from one of Dell’s strategically aligned businesses VMware.
Dell Digital had the most profitable Black Friday and Cyber Monday in company history, which also saw us reach our highest customer satisfaction scores to-date. And we did all of this with 100 percent uptime and 24x7 coverage with 500+ team members – proof that the Dell Digital Way is working well. We enhanced Dell Precision Optimizer 5.0 – the world’s first AI-based performance optimizer software for workstations1 – with a machine-learning algorithm for improved speed and productivity.
We applied AI to generate product recommendations for customers on as well as pull dynamic Smart Selection for sales makers and Premier customers. We also used AI to improve efficiencies and streamline order and pricing processes, and we increased fraud protection on orders saving significant dollars that could potentially be lost.
Partnering for Success:
We deployed the Dell Digital Way when partnering with our businesses like marketing, finance, cybersecurity, sales, facilities and HR. 
In fact, our partners describe a new level of confidence and trust in working with Dell Digital, because of the faster, more iterative development process and working more closely with the business.
Partnering with Sales
Working with Dell’s sales teams, we accelerated the delivery of new capabilities and innovation to better address our customers’ needs. We launched a mobile app – the result of an unprecedented eight-week fast track development effort in which sales teams provided direct, real-time feedback to Dell Digital developers on preferred features which are released on a continuing basis. The app is built and hosted in Pivotal Cloud Foundry to speed development time and enable quick scale of data access.
Improving the order experience for Sales and Customers
Dell’s global Order Management and Support (OMS) team came to us because they needed a solution to improve the accuracy and cycle time of millions of orders that come in to Dell annually via fax and email. With a common aim of creating completely automated “frictionless” order processing, we leveraged machine learning and the latest in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to develop Robotix, Dell’s first ever scalable OCR solution for digitizing offline purchase orders. Robotix improves the customer experience by processing orders faster, automating offline quality checks, and customizing order entry instructions.
Partnering with Services
By digitally transforming our fraud protection capabilities, Dell Digital is helping risk managers in Dell Services stay ahead of scammers and avoid potentially significant impacts associated with fraud loss. We worked with security, finance, and business representatives to deeply understand intelligence, processes and mapping of the systems involved. This led to an automated and real-time fraud risk detection solution that monitors millions of services transactions, identifies and analyzes anomalies, and issues alerts to allow security experts to take immediate action.
Partnering with our Customers
In line with our approach to working in the Dell Digital Way, we renamed our former IT Proven customer engagement program to Dell Digital Way. The program’s IT practitionerled conversations continue to help accelerate thousands of customers’ digital transformation journeys with IT, workforce, security, and application transformation knowledge and experience in direct peer-to-peer engagements, Dell Technology World sessions, forums, blogs and many other ways.
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