Decoding Suhel Seth the Author

CIOReviewindia Team | Tuesday, 13 August 2019, 08:42 IST

Decoding Suhel Seth the Author

Decoding Suhel Seth the Author

Much has been said and written about Suhel Seth, the marketing guru, brand consultant, columnist, and TV pundit. Not so much about his highly influential books. Combining history with social strategies, culture with corporate learnings, Seth has published four brilliant books that are well worth a read. All books belong to different genres and that showcases the brilliance of Seth as a writer.

In Your Face

Suhel Seth is certainly a maverick. Those who have read his columns, his Survival Strategies - a completely unconventional agony aunt column in The Telegraph - can attest to his wit and humour. Bringing this very same quirky sense of humour and sagacity to his interviews, Suhel Seth managed to capture insightful responses from many celebrities. In Your Face is a collection of his best interviews with some of India’s well-known thinkers and celebrities.

Kalighat to Calcutta

A true-blue Kolkatan, Suhel Seth, never fails to profess his love for this rich and vibrant city. Early in his life he met one of India's most popular and best loved authors, Khushwant Singh. Seth urged Singh to write about the history and the glory of the City of Joy. Kalighat to Calcutta was co-authored by Khuswant Singh and Suhel Seth and the illustrations were provided by none other than the master illustrator R K Laxman. The book is a keepsake and a treasure for those who follow modern Indian history and are fascinated by Kolkata’s cosmopolitan and egalitarian culture.

Get to the Top: The ten rules for social success

In his Twitter bio, Suhel Seth describes himself as a Marketing Maven. It is only apt that his book Getting to the Top brings us a guide to social etiquette and influencing people. This is an insightful and inspiring book that lays out the framework for social networking in an age where rules are believed to be passé. The book describes the top strategies to cultivating influential friends and leaving a lasting impact in the world of corporate and personal branding. This is a must read for the current socially awkward but technologically hooked generation.

The Target

With The Target, Suhel Seth entered a genre very different from his other books. Co-authored with well-known journalist Shantanu Guha Ray, Seth chronicles the rise and fall of Dalal Street head honcho and millionaire, Jignesh Shah. In his book, Seth delves deep into the phenomenal rise of Shah and his multi-asset financial markets while taking on institutional forces and antagonising political entities in the process. The book is a fact-based chronicle of Shah's life as penned by Seth and his co-author, and is a riveting read.

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