Data Privacy Trends to Lookout for in 2020

CIOReviewIndia Team | Wednesday, 05 August 2020, 11:55 IST

Today, privacy security has become one of the most vital parameters that every business or organization has to watch over. 2019 was the year where the world’s laser focus on cybersecurity started to converge with a growing emphasis on data privacy.  

Also today, GDPR and CCPA has become more than just a mere check the box for auditors and regulators. Hence, companies have started understanding its importance and have been similarly shifting towards a culture where organizations are putting forth some stringent regulations as an opportunity to bring the needed competitive advantage and also provide consumers control over their data and building consumer trust. Thus, aligning towards a smart business strategy so as to fight back the increasing numbers of cyber criminals. 

Through a reevaluation of the company’s data privacy culture while also strengthening the overall  operating model and strategy, there will be a compliance opportunity to be tapped by addressing data protection. Furthermore, companies will also have to advance with the ever changing environment and stay in loop with every advancements or evolution of various technologies which can aid a business in fighting security breaches. 

Here are some of the important privacy security trends which is aiding the businesses in this volatile situation:

Educating Staff

All employees that handle personal data or have access to data should be, at a minimum, trained annually on maintaining privacy hygiene. At the very core, any organization that handles personal data has a high probability of experiencing a data breach.

Every employee who has something or the other to do with the data should be at least be trained annually on maintaining privacy hygiene. As it is quite evident that any company who handles an immense number of data will face some kind of security breaches, hence employees who are handling these data must have the capability to stand against every violation. 

Role of Chief Privacy Officer

There is also a need to evolve the role of privacy leaders and also their cross-functional engagement as there has been increasing need in how personal information should be protected.  Today, many organizations have appointed CPO (Chief Privacy Officer) and have also elevated privacy to the C-Level in the post-GDPR era. 

The appointed CPOmust have few qualities so as to bring efficiency in his/her role across many operations - knowledge about privacy laws, and also the scope of data security with ability to instill data privacy culture across other C-Level skills.

Driving Awareness

Top-down leadership support is vital in instilling a data privacy culture. Hence, it requires investing in an enterprise-wide data program awareness and also creating and maintaining the right tone at the top. Also, privacy regulations should be taken very importantly and not just a regular exercise for auditors and regulators. 

Therefore,  leaders of the organizations can set an example and motivate employees across the organization to play a key role in data privacy by changing day-to-day behaviors so as to drive cultural change. 

Furthermore, this will develop a culture in which every worker will have a responsibility of managing data, hence resulting in staying compliant with the regulations, data privacy policies and laws. 


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