Cyber Security Gains Prominence

CIOReviewIndia Team | Tuesday, 07 July 2020, 01:37 IST

Cyber security has become one of the major boardroom priorities owing to the evolving cyber attacks and the threat they pose to the organizations’ operations. Cyber criminals are changing their methodologies and the industry must strive to respond to the cyber attacks in a more effective way. With malwares manifesting into new threats, companies are increasingly becoming dependent on their information security teams. As more and more of the digital infrastructure becomes vulnerable to attacks, there is an increasing frequency of data breaches targeted at accessing personal information. This has made it imperative for organizations to raise awareness about the ramifications of unauthorized access to information and data theft. A report by Mordor Intelligence says, “The cybersecurity market was valued at USD 161.07 billion in 2019, and it is expected to reach USD 363.05 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 14.5 percent during 2020-2025. The trends for IoT, BYOD, AI, and machine learning in cybersecurity are increasing.”   

Adopting zero-trust model  

Several organizations have embraced the zero-trust model to strengthen their internal security with an aim of thwarting threats from inside the organization. It allows them to keep an eye on the actions of every individual instead of identifying the likely delinquent ones. Phishing continues to be one of the major ways a hacker can enter a network and affect the users. Hence, the information security teams need to upgrade their skills pertaining to phishing so as to prevent the hackers from gaining access to the network. “We predict that cybercriminals will begin using adversarial AI to prepare and send emails with malicious or phishing content or attachments. Emails are already the number one mechanism to spread malware, but we expect the methods used to send them will become more sophisticated, in general,” says Ondrej Vlcek, Chief Executive Officer, Avast.

These developments have increased the demand for cybersecurity professionals, as the information security teams have to counter more threats than ever. With as many as two in three organizations worldwide facing a dearth of IT security professionals, what have piqued the interest of many are the automated security tools capable of managing the vulnerabilities online, which are helping enterprises ascertain a standard security posture. As a result, more and more solution providers are venturing into this domain to tap into the market potential. Though it remains to be seen how they catch up with evolution of cyber attacks and reshape their strategies during and after the pandemic.

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