Cognizant's New Service Line Digital Business and Technology Will Be Headed By Malcolm Frank

CIOReviewIndia Team | Friday, 08 January 2021, 10:52 IST

A new service line of Cognizant – Digital Business and Technology (DBT), which is a fusion of service line Digital Business and Digital Systems and Technology would be headed by Malcolm Frank.

Malcolm Frank previously headed Cognizant’s Digital Business Unit.

Digital Systems and Technology was headed by Gregory Hyttenrauch. He is now the President of North America.

Digital Business Operations would be headed by Ganesh Ayyar. This section was earlier known as known as Digital Operations.

Cognizant released about the changes but did not state any development on these yet.

A senior employee of the company said that the changes are aligned to the requisites of the customers and the senior employee also shared that under the new service line, the sales team can focus more on DBT, where the demand is extreme.

Brian Humphries, the CEO of Cognizant, noted the demand in the areas of cloud and more modernization in the earlier earnings call in July.

For an IT services firm like Cognizant, it offers a great fortune.

DBT includes new-age technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud enablement, and core modernization. It is in huge demand at present.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said "Technology is no longer just nice to have." He noted that in FICCI event previous year, technology has become a core to business in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Humpries in the Q2 earnings call said, "In a matter of months, COVID-19 has exposed the extent of the digital divide between digital natives and traditional companies." The company follows a calendar year for its fiscal.

Because of this, it might be these changes are in line with the strategy Humphries outlined in the earnings call, which is to align the company’s offerings to the changing customer requisites.

Humphries added, "We aim to execute a series of bold moves to realize our vision and these actions call for us to accelerate digital, optimize our core business, transform our commercial model, supercharge our talents and enhance our reputation.”

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