Cloudstrats, an IT firm based in Mumbai has developed "NARAD" a COVID Control Management App

CIOReviewIndia Team | Tuesday, 26 May 2020, 12:49 IST

                                 Cloudstrats, an IT firm based in Mumbai has developed "NARAD" a COVID Control Management App

Cloudstrats, an IT firm based in Mumbai has developed "NARAD" a COVID Control Management App. It is designed to assist civic officials in fighting the war against the current pandemic. The solution has different role-based modules that covers complete journey of the COVID patient from being identified as a suspect to treatment and discharge along with a comprehensive analysis of patient indexing, contract / suspect tracing. With advanced features like Real-time Digital Surveillance, Disease Control & Outbreak Management it provides efficiency in management and tracking.

The solution uses intelligence to transform data into insights:

Detection via Notification and screening enables surveillance officers and doctors to detect diseases based on real time health facility data and automatic notification.

Validation via investigation and analysis enables decision makers to respond immediately to incoming information and to take adequate measures via public health officers.

Controlling via treatment and Containment: Information is made readily available for action and data quality assurance is performed as decontamination and isolation tasks are being carried out.

Few of the tools are:

1) Data Collection Tools [Hospital Beds, Equipment & Supplies etc]

2) Command and Control Hub [Mobile App for MoH Field Contact Officers etc]

3) Data Analytics [GIS Visualization, CCR and CMO Dashboard etc]

4) Workflow Automation [Capturing of data, Updates from Test Centers etc]

Data Collection Tools for Surveillance, Tracing, Managing the cases recorded, testing the data and for integration with ICMR.

Data Analytics for Containment, mapping, Cognitive services, Supplies management and gap analysis for real time dashboards.

Command and Control Hub for Field officers, Management of Hotspot Districts/ Municipalities.

Workflow automation of capturing data, lists and reminders for data entry and report generation to various authorities.

Integration with Chatbots, Twitter, Website, GIS & others are possible in this solution.

The solution is already deployed with a certain number of government bodies and the company is in discussion for expansion to State & Central level.

Cloudstrats has developed NARAD with the idea of getting a solution that is efficient for management and records of the COVID cases. Plus a solution that is easy to use for anyone that put their hands on it. They are open for partnerships and ideas.

Ms. Pooja Gupta, Vice President of the firm has stated that “We are working to make this time better for all. Cloudstrats is  actively looking for partners who can promote NARAD and be a part of this cause."

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