Cloud computing is the key to success for SMBs

CIOReview TEAM | Tuesday, 19 June 2018, 09:53 IST

cloud computingThe cloud computing technology has amplified the loyalty of the clients to the SMBs, as per a Microsoft study. The study on the “Socio-Economic Impact of Cloud Adoption by SMBs in India” conducted by the Thought Arbitrage Research Institute (TARI) in association with Microsoft shows that there has been approximately two times improvement in customer advocacy and loyalty to SMB and three times improvement in accessing customers from the countries across the world, on adopting cloud. From the study it is also found that, interactive and customized services have improved by 17 percent on low adoption, 36 percent on medium and 55 percent on high; Business response time has improved by 13 percent on low cloud adoption, 50 percent on medium and 72 percent on high; Footprint in national and global markets has improved by 22 percent on low cloud adoption, 28 percent on medium and 72 percent on high. Whereas in Customer base, it has improved only 13 percent on low cloud adoption, 40 percent on medium and 59 percent on high.

The survey results are compared with the SMBs that do not use the cloud at all. In comparison, it is found that SMBs working on the medium cloud have improvement in profit and cost reduction metrics by 30 percent whereas this metric improves 10 percent for SMEs on the government database; employee metrics improve 50 percent for SMBs using medium cloud whereas it improves 20 percent for SMEs on the government database; the asset utilization metrics improves 50 percent for SMBs whereas SMEs on government database it improves marginally. The employees utilize the asset base of SMBs most effectively through cloud computing as it allows them to access a software related business application from any place in real time.

On increasing utilization of the cloud computing in businesses, Greg Richards, Vice president of DevOps at Itron states that cloud computing is less expensive, more reliable, more secure and enables a much faster time to innovation. Cloud computing is a great opportunity for the SMBs to grow up faster in the continuous developing world in a short duration, as per the study.

The Microsoft’s Cloud survey was conducted among 275 MDs/ CEOs of SMBs, across manufacturing, retail, IT/ ITeS, e-commerce, education, health, and hospitality sectors, across 11 cities such Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune.

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