Choosing the right Psychiatrist for Your Child

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Choosing the right Psychiatrist for Your ChildChildren and teens sometimes need help with their problems or feelings. If you believe your teen or child is not doing as well as they should, consider talking to one of the top psychiatrists in Louisville KY. These professionals know how to help a child or teen with emotional problems. 

According to research, only 14% of children in the age bracket of 5 and 17 see a therapist each year. There are many benefits of seeing a therapist Louisville KY. These include helping children to cope with various mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety, helping children to cope with learning disorders, teaching them to manage stressful events like death or divorce, and also helping them resolve interpersonal conflicts. 

So, how do you hire the right therapist to treat your child? To effectively vet therapists, you need to know what and whom to ask, and also set aside enough time. Here is our complete guide to choosing the right therapist for your child. 

Where should you start your search for the best child psychiatrist?

Knowing whom to approach is equally important in your search for a therapist Louisville KY. Below are some places you can consider kick-starting your search:

  • Your Child’s School’s social worker, guidance counselor, or psychologist. Most schools have a list of reputable therapists from the local area.
  • Your child’s doctor. Your child’s pediatrician, just like schools, will have written down a few therapists they trust to treat your child. And if they have known your child for a long time, they may be able to recommend someone they know best fits your scenario. 
  • Friend. Your trusted friend, relative, or co-worker might be another excellent resource when it comes to hiring a qualified child psychiatrist. If you know of a friend, colleague, or relative that had a troubled child recently, you might want to ask them about the psychiatrist they used. If you like the therapist, ask your friend to give you their address and set up a meeting. 
  • Parenting groups or local community. Whether physical or online, local support groups in the community can be a great resource to help you locate a top-notch therapist Louisville KY. A parents’ group can be a vital source of information. 
  • Health insurance company. In case you prefer staying in-network, we recommend asking your health insurance provider for a list of psychiatrists that take the insurance you have. 

How To Find the Right Psychiatrist

  1. Asking Questions 

There is no tip that is more important than asking questions. There is no doubt that a lot of questions are racing up in your mind even before you decide to arrange an appointment with your therapist Louisville KY. You want to know the background and training of your prospective therapist, the frequency with which they meet parents, what medications they intend to use, if a psychiatrist will be in communication with a child’s counselor or teacher, and the length of time children spend in therapy. 

Whatever question you have, ask it and ensure you understand everything well before you can move onto the next level. We recommend writing down any questions you might have at home so you won’t forget about anything. 

  1. Consultation Preparation 

You asked the question over the phone and now it’s time for a face-to-face meeting with your child psychologist. Before setting up an appointment, we recommend writing down a list of health concerns about your child. These may include changing behaviors at home, a drop in academic performance, or other challenges you have noticed. As a parent, you understand your teen or child better than anyone. Therefore, you know the areas your child is lacking in. it’s for this reason that you need to be thoroughly prepared before meeting psychiatrists in Louisville KY. This way, your psychiatrist will be thoroughly aware of the areas to focus on when they meet with your son or daughter next time. 

  1. Understanding their Credentials 

Within therapy and psychology are several different credentials that you need to understand if you have to have a chance of choosing the right psychiatrist for your child. They include psychiatrists in Louisville KY, psychologists, and social workers. All of them are health professionals but they vary from each other greatly. 

In most cases, social workers will have a master’s degree in social work. They also have training in problem-solving and try to resolve conflicts through group work or counseling. Psychiatrists, on the other hand, have medical degrees that allow them to prescribe medications like antidepressants to treat anxiety or depression. They can also use other treatments like therapy. Lastly, psychologists have doctorate degrees in the field of psychology and educational and psychological testing. They can identify children with auditory processing, dyslexia, or ADHD, and recommend treatments like group therapy or medication. 

More questions to ask

  • Do you have special times you set aside for new clients? Can you find time within school hours?
  • What do you charge per hour and will accept insurance?
  • Do you have training in working with children?
  • How regularly do you meet your parents?
  • Do you have special therapeutic methods used for children? What about teens? 
  • Do you have any training or experience in cultural competency? 

These questions are important to ask because they help you narrow down t the individual you want to entrust with your child. You cannot take anything for granted where your kid is involved. 


It is okay for children to throw tantrums or be difficult to deal with. However, when the behavior is out of the norm, like a massive drop in performance or a complete behavior change, it may be in your best interest to have a psychiatrist see them. 

But the problem most parents have is how to find a therapist that will be the best fit for their children. To start your search, talk to your schools’ guidance and counseling teacher, ask a trusted friend, or talk to your child’s pediatrician. You may also want to ask your insurance provider to give you a list of qualified therapists. 

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