Chevrolet Launches Driver Assistance Technologies for a Safer Drive

By CIOReview Team

FREMONT, CA: Chevrolet has ventured to help drivers overcome the human limitation of restricted sight while driving the vehicle. To that end, the automotive company has launched two technologies, rear cross traffic alert and rear vision camera, which will help drivers in getting 360° information about their vehicle surroundings. Rear Cross Traffic Alert This technology comes into play while the vehicle is in reverse and it is available for those Chevrolet vehicles which are equipped with Safety Alert Seat. How it Works Two short-range radars – on the left and right – monitor up to 65 feet to the left and right. Once the left or right cross traffic is sensed by the system, the driver can see red flashing triangles with left or right pointing arrows in the rear vision camera screen along with low-pitched beeps sound. The seat will pulse on the side from where the threat is sensed. For example, a vehicle approaching from the right side triggers a vibration on the right side of the seat. This technology is currently available on 2015 Cruze, Impala, SS, Traverse, Tahoe and Suburban. Rear View Camera It provides a view of the scene directly behind the vehicle on the center stack – or on the inside rearview mirror – display helping drivers to maneuver the vehicle while at low speed. Once out of the reverse mode, the image is removed if one of the following events occur: the vehicle picks up a speed exceeding 5mph; several seconds expire; radio buttons are pressed. Rear view camera is available with 2015 model of select Chevrolet models. “The majority of shoppers agree that the most important technology feature in their cars is a rearview camera,” said Michelle Krebs, senior analyst. “Not only do they want this feature, they expect it to be a standard feature in new or used vehicles on dealer lots.”

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