Changing Trends in Today's Embedded Devices Market

CIOReviewIndia Team | Friday, 29 November 2019, 13:51 IST

Changing Trends in Today‚Äôs Embedded Devices MarketLast few years has seen a considerable growth of embedded systems due to the rapid technological advancements in the field of wireless communications & networking, electronics, automotive, IoT, industrial automation and robotics, smart cities, to name a few.  According to a research report by Radiant Insights, Inc, Global Embedded System Market is projected to be valued at USD 214.39 billion by 2020. Embedded Technology is shaping to be a crucial aspect in transforming all industries worldwide as seen in the use cases with smart factory, smart home, autonomous cars, connected devices, smart appliances, among others.  However, there are always a space for overcoming some challenges in a real-time basis across security and adaptability, mobility, heterogeneity, and interoperability, among others. Hence, companies with efficient, reliable and robust embedded software with IP developed over it will be undoubtedly helpful. The emergence of intelligent edge devices is one of the major trends in the embedded sector which will enable industrial production systems and process plants to become part of a digital enterprise.  

Improved Security

As security has become one of the major concerns and very vital for every industrial verticals, the advancements in IoT, will further increase embedded security in devices, thereby ensuring safe and security in this complex and hyper-connected world.

Real-time Data

Providing software engineers with the ability to review embedded software execution, the real time visualization tools for embedded industrial systems will enable a birds-eye-view on the key metrics of raw or processed sensor data and event-based context switches for tracking the performance of embedded systems.

Lowering Consumption of Energy

The optimization of battery-powered devices for low power consumption and maximum uptime has been a major burden for industries which needs to be dealt with.  As many of a solutions are under development process for monitoring and reducing the energy consumption of embedded devices. With energy monitors, and visualizations can help in managing embedded devices so has reduce energy consumption. 

Applications with Deep Learning Capabilities

An unexplored embedded market of deep learning has a range of applications from image processing to audio analysis. Leveraging Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be one of the aspects which will set new standards for embedded devices in the coming future.

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