Bengaluru to House Asia's Largest Tier4 Datacentre

CIOReview Team | Friday, 23 February 2018, 14:12 IST

As the internet is ebbing its way into every industry, it is imperative that data centres are now the talk of the town, looking keenly into finding new means of innovation and exploration to help the large industrial sectors thrive in a secure and timely manner. On 22nd February, APAC’s largest Tier4 Datacentre Company, CtrlS and the first LEED Platinum certified Green datacentre, went live in Bengaluru’s Electronic City. The CtrlS Tier4 Datacenter has been developed to provide mission critical datacenter operations to India’s leading internet banking, banking, insurance and other companies while providing the India’s growing tech giants with reliable, robust data management and distribution networks with zero percent downtime and 100 percent redundancy.

Priyank Kharge, Minister for IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karntaka, addressed the gathering and stated, “I am happy that CtrlS’s latest datacentre is being situated in Bengaluru . Our city, which is already a leader in software services, is also fast becoming a hub for global organisations and I am sure that the CtrlS datacenter will be the inception point of an ecosystem”.  With its robust network ecosystem, internet connectivity and own infrastructure including fibre assets, peering and private internet exchange to help the data sensitive and security conscious organisations in the country, who cannot afford even a minute of downtime on their data.

With its zero percent downtime, advanced infrastructure and design features that reduce downtime to less than 30 minutes in any given year, Tier4 datacentre gains an admirable edge over the Tier3 datacentre that usually faces the downtime of almost four hours in any calendar year. Interestingly, Tier4 Datacentres have experienced no downtime whatsoever. Furthermore, the new Bangalore Datacentre is the First LEED Platinum datacenter in the world, certified by GBCI (under LEED v$ O+M). This green building generates its power requirement using solar and other sustainable sources. Moreover, with two extra power lines, CtrlS ensures a complete power backup, dealing with power outage at anytime while its earthquake resistant building, with over 9 levels of security- both physical and virtual, means that the valuable data is never compromised.

“Our Datacenter has been awarded a Platinum LEED certificate by the US Green Building Council, making it the only the Datacentre in the world to receive such certification. We will continue to innovate and ensure that our business is both profitable and environmentally sustainable,” concludes, Sridhar, Chairman and MD, CtrlS

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