Benefits of Cloud-based Hospital Information System

CIOReviewIndia Team | Thursday, 19 December 2019, 14:06 IST

Benefits of Cloud-based Hospital Information SystemTo manage the ever increasing administrative issues while meet the growing demands from patients for a quality healthcare system, Hospitals are gradually adopting technology to automate its operations to increase their efficiency. This technology adoption can be directly attributed to the inefficiency of manual procedures to handle patients and the ever increasing burden of managing and securing data. Moreover, technology-driven information systems also provide hospitals to easily access, manage and secure data with flexibility and integrations. To sustain the consistency of healthcare procedures, hospitals are rapidly implementing Hospital Information Management Systems (HIMS) so as to stay parallel to the technological advancements in the healthcare sector. 

The growing use of Electronic health record (EHR) is also significantly aiding the growth of the hospital information system market.  EHR stores complete patient’s data from treatment plans, to medical history, to the tests of the laboratory which enables hospitals to efficiently manage all their patients. Improving the ability to diagnose the disease and reduce the chances of any fatal errors, EHR proves very beneficial when it comes to improving the care for the patients.

If we see the mode of delivery of a Hospital Information System, Cloud-based segment is expected to see further growth, as per the report by Mordor Intelligence. As hospitals would only require internet connected computer to access all the data from the external Cloud server, it eases the management from the burden of handling on-premise systems. Cloud-based information systems would be up and running all the time, hence giving both patients and hospital managements to access information remotely at any odd hours of the day. And the most important benefit of Cloud-based systems is its cost-effectiveness.  Moreover, to control the access to sensitive information, Cloud-based radiology information portals are seeing good use cases across various physicians and medical practitioners. As updates are given frequently in a Cloud-based Information system, it is more efficient in today’s disruptive environment.

With numerous government initiatives to digitize healthcare and also the push from some major private players, HIMS has witnessed considerable amount of changes. As we are heading towards a completely technology-driven world, it is quite certain to see technology playing crucial part in managing Hospital operations.

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