Bangalore based startup, 99tests pays crowd testers to break apps

By CIOReview Team

In the rapidly growing world of digital media and apps, quality user experience can mean the difference between success and failure. As apps compete and evolve, it becomes crucial to find software bugs. No matter how much you test your apps in a lab environment, it is impossible to replicate the various factors and conditions that affect your app in the real world. The only way to find out is to test your app out in the open. That’s exactly what 99tests is offering to apps across the world with their latest Bug-a-thon a contest.


Get your app tested by talented crowd testers for Free


99tests is a crowd testing platform that helps app developers to test their web, mobile and wearable apps in the real world, delivering the insights they need for fixing issues to make their apps beautiful.

The concept of crowdsourced testing platform is still new in the market. Crowd testing platforms basically,  enables companies to work with professional testers from across the world, making it easier to test by location, without any major investments in procuring devices or hiring full time QA teams. The company decided to launch the daily online Bug-a-thon contest after interacting with many app developers and start-ups, who wanted an opportunity to learn more about crowd testing and its possibilities. This a daily online event, where in registered apps that get the highest vote are put to the ultimate test by crowd testers. The winning apps get access to all the bugs logged by the crowd testers.

The 99tests Bug-a-thon

The 99tests Bug-a- thon, is a free online event conducted every day to help companies evaluate and improve their app quality. To participate, you need to register for free and provide your app’s URL on our portal. Once registered, you will be eligible for free app testing. The top app of the day that wins by popular vote becomes eligible to receive extensive app testing and access up to 50 valid bugs.

The fun way of finding bugs

The contest is also a fun way for professional testers to test the latest apps and interact with other software testing professionals. The event gives an opportunity for all software testers to hone their software testing skills. Testers can test the latest software products from around the world, log bugs, win attractive cash prizes and connect with a global community of software testing professionals.

The event that started last month has attracted quite some attention in the app testing market and has generated interest from testers and app developers alike. Participating companies were able to work with the most talented crowd testers and could find difficult software bugs. The free registration for the event is open to all everyday on the company’s portal. You can find the details in the link given below.  



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