AUK Marketing and Technology company adopts Sahi ProWeb Automation Tool

By CIOReview Team

About Inspired Thinking Group (ITG)
Inspired Thinking Group is a specialist technology-led marketing services business. It helps major brands and retailers improve the efficiency, speed, cost and control of their marketing communications through its proprietary marketing resource management platform, Media Centre.

The company also manages a huge international print supply chain, employs over 300 people, including around 200 at its 24/7 artworking, creative and packaging studio, and supports its own in-house digital agency.

ITG started out with manual testing. Subsequently, ITG started using iMacros web automation tool at the time when the primary browser was IE. ITG found that iMacros was not really intuitive for the tester community and tough to master. ITG used to face technical challenges while using this tool and were limited to using IE as the primary browser. ITG moved to Sahi Pro about 2 years ago and have been using it as their preferred Web Test Automation Tool.

The technology that is used to create the ITG Media Centre application is .net MVC with MS SQL as the database. Media Centre has multiple modules like Digital Asset Manager, Store Database, Local Marketing, Marketing Planner, Workflow, Stock, Reports and Admin. Sahi Pro Web Test Automation tool is used for automating functional test cases. ITG has used it successfully for performance testing as well to simulate a concurrent load of about 40 users.

As an automation tool, Sahi Pro provided the advantage of reduced time to test the required test cases. In ITG, without using automation, the execution of the complete regression test suite used to take 10 days with 5 resources. By using Sahi Pro, that time has reduced to 5 days, a time saving of 50%. Additionally, ITG achieved the following benefits by using Sahi Pro Web Test Automation tool:

  • Ease of use by the QA team, as it did not need any advanced programming background. Ability to do cross-browser testing
  • Ability to playback multiple scripts simultaneously.
  • Constant interaction with the Sahi Pro support team with respect to new releases translated into using the new functionality on improved automation frameworks.
  • Overall, because of ease of use, ITG is aiming to get into a daily sanity run and a weekly regression run which is going to further reduce the various phases of Quality Assurance.

Customer Quote
Sahi Pro Automation tool has been built with the QA fraternity in mind and does not require advanced software programming skills. It is easy to use across multiple browsers and the support from the Sahi team is always prompt.

      - Basheer Shaik, Head of Quality Assurance, Inspired Thinking Group (ITG)

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