Apple And Google Are Loading Their Phones With Coronavirus-Tracking Tech

CIOReviewIndia Team | Wednesday, 02 September 2020, 09:02 IST

Previously announced an ‘exposure notification’ solution about the coronavirus tracking tech by Apple and Google is now a reality as the application programme interface (API), which is designed raise automatic alerts is now available. People who think they have been exposed to the coronavirus will get the alert on their phone. Apple and Google are now engaged in building important technology which will be set as in-built software on the phone. This step ensures easy access for people no matter if their regional public health agency is yet to launch a compatible application.

Since the application is built on the API platform, it won’t be operating without manual interference. Similar to Aarogya Setu, the API is an enabling tool and requires to get embedded in an application. Google also declared it will automatically generate an Android app for public health agencies and phone users will be able to download.

The application technology relies on Bluetooth wireless signals for determining if an individual has spent time near any person tested positive for coronavirus. People related to this scenario should have a Google-Apple application installed on their phones. The application implements proximity and not geographic location. Users who receive any such proximity alerts will get testing offers and health advice for the prevention of potential future spread.

Google and Apple stated that it won’t reveal any personal information of the users neither to the companies of the public health agency. In intervals of 10-20 minutes, random Bluetooth identifiers rotate for preventing tracking. Users will have the power to turn off the technology as per their needs. Google and Apple also declared that they will disable the Exposure Notifications System on a regional basis when no longer required. Apple and Google have started to roll out the system in India also.

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