Announcing Webinar Flywheel and Your New Plans and Pricing

CIOReviewindia Team | Thursday, 05 September 2019, 04:57 IST

Announcing Webinar Flywheel™ and Your New Plans and Pricing

3, 2, 1… go! The countdown is over and ClickMeeting’s biggest product change is officially here! From now on, Webinar Flywheel™ becomes a pillar of our offer and a core of one of our redesigned pricing plans. You can now give your webinars a brand-new opening by choosing a plan that will take you closer to achieving your online business goals. Are you ready?

Before you take a deep breath and dive into this release, take a few seconds to have look at these numbers:
*$43 000

This is how much a particular company earned on the most successful paid event hosted on ClickMeeting.
*2890 leads

This is how many qualified leads one of our customers generated with On-Demand Webinars in less than a year.
*9 hours | 29 presenters from 3 continents | 2,000 attendees

The most impressive and huge webinar organized on ClickMeeting platform was an international teaching conference. It was 9-hours long, gathered 2 thousand attendees who watched and listened to 29 presenters located on three continents!

We are revealing those powerful statistics, to show you the scale of what you can achieve with online events.

Webinars have a proven track of delivering results in terms of:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Online education

And now, you can bring new life to each of these ecosystems by embracing…

Webinar Flywheel™ – framework, automation, action plan

What started as a vision, took off as an action plan, finally landed as a product – a highly-detailed framework, packed with automation tools and a scenario on how to put it into action.

In June 2019, we introduced the concept of Webinar Flywheel™ to a broader audience. The idea was to create an efficient alternative for traditional, linear sales and marketing funnel. Infected by the flywheel concepts brought up by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Rand Fishkin (Moz at that time), and HubSpot, we have injected them into the webinar organism.

It not only required a new approach towards sales and marketing but also intensified product development and crafting a framework you could easily adapt to your webinar strategy.

We came up with this flywheel model:

What is it about? Let Agnes Józwiak, our Marketing Director take you on a quick tour:

As you can see, the ultimate goal for setting Webinar Flywheel™ in motion is about achieving growth – getting more leads, customers, and students than ever before.

The secret is, however, in doing it smart. Running webinars requires taking plenty of actions, and it usually takes a lot of effort and time. And TIME is the most demanded currency. How to win it back? This question was with us from the beginning of developing a flywheel concept for webinars. And the answer hides behind these two expressions:

  • Automation
  • Ready-to-use scenarios

Automation – forget about the repetitive work

To captivate your audience with engaging webinars, you need to put your heart into creating relevant and inspiring content. That’s challenging, but also amazingly rewarding!

However, there are plenty of other actions along the way that are time-consuming. That’s why we have come up with a set of automated tools for you to take short-cuts and reinvest your time (you would normally spend on doing repetitive bits and pieces) on creating more content!

For instance:

  • Instead of hosting dozens of live webinars, you can create one event and release it as an On-Demand Webinar, or a recurring, Automated Webinar! In the meantime (while your events are working away on their own), you can wrap up your next event.
  • Instead of chasing your prospects and leads to attracting them to your webinars, you can automate your follow-up email campaign and let the platform do the hard work for you!

But there’s more:

Ready-to-use scenarios

We know what happens when people land on websites with software solutions, and especially – when they decide to try out a platform, they’re not familiar with.

Plenty of features, tools, integrations – how to manage them all? And at the end of the day – how to be good at it? Overwhelming. Confusing.

That’s why we didn’t want to leave you on your own with the plethora of features. You don’t have to connect the dots – we have already done it for you!

The essence of the Webinar Flywheel™ is about mapping out your way to achieve results, indicating all the tools you need to use, and when to do it.

And that’s what we did for the sake of running online courses. We have illustrated the entire action plan, to save your time you would have to invest on building it up yourself:

Webinar Flywheel™ opens a new chapter in Plans & Pricing

Automation and new Webinar Flywheel™ approach reinvented ClickMeeting’s webinar software offering. It’s not a concept anymore, it’s a rich plate of features and integrations, that are now available in one of our new plans.

Discover all the tools that will make your Webinar Flywheel™ up and running

That’s why we are simultaneously launching Webinar Flywheel™ as a product and completely redesigned Plans & Pricing.

We said farewell to old MyWebinars and MyWebinars PRO plans, and introduced two new ones:

Live and Automated

Both of these plans can serve you well in terms of organizing team or business online meetings and webinars.

What’s the main difference? We believe the names already tell it.

Live plan

If you go for a Live plan, it means your focus is on running live webinars. This package has everything you need, to do it efficiently:

  • The unlimited number of live events
  • Features like: Screen sharing, Presentation, Whiteboard, Call-To-Action, Polls and surveys, Chat, or Custom Branding
  • Streaming live on Facebook or YouTube
  • Most of the integrations – Moodle, PayPal, Dropbox, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and more!
  • And… Paid Webinars – to easily monetize your knowledge with webinars!

So, if you’re into inspiring your future customers with unique knowledge, or into demonstrating your product and closing sales deals with webinars, or perhaps – teaching your students online and generating revenue on your expertise, then choosing a Live plan is a way to go.

However, if you already got inspired by the Webinar Flywheel™ and you’re serious about scaling your business results with webinars, then get this plan under your microscope:

Automated plan

This option has all the elements from the Live plan menu, but it takes them to another level with Webinar Flywheel™ automation!

So, apart from running live webinars, you can maximize your effects and win back your work time by scheduling On-Demand Webinars and Automated Webinars! This way, you won’t have to be present during all your events. That means saving dozens of your precious hours.

But that’s not all! Here are some of the tools you will find by choosing the Automated plan:

  • Automatic thank-you emails
  • Automatic follow-up emails
  • Certificates for attendees who completed your online course
  • Automatic invitations to upcoming events

Remember when we said that in the Live plan you get access to most of the integrations? Well, Automated plan has them all! If you switch the green light to this plan you will get your fingers on these analytical and remarketing integrations:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel

Having those in your arsenal, will enable you to analyze statistics, track your leads and reach them with remarketing campaigns.

Automation & Webinar Flywheel™ to try for free!

Yes, that’s right! Our ClickMeeting’s Plans & Pricing revolution also seized free trial accounts.

We wanted to avoid releasing any kind of basic or limited version of our webinar software as a trial version. On the contrary, our goal was to give you chance to explore more within your free 30 days.

It means that after signing up for a free trial you will enter the Webinar Flywheel™ vehicle and take it on a 30-day test drive!

Are you ready?

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