All you need to know about TRP ratings

Samrat Pradhan (Correspondent) | Saturday, 17 October 2020, 06:05 IST

All you need to know about TRP ratings

Today, with the disruption in media space, TRP has been the most significant parameter for channels and the program to promote and create more views so as to gain the popularity of a particular TV channel. This helps in understanding and maintaining the data on how many times people are viewing the channel or a particular program; it could be for an hour, a day or a particular week. 

TRP it's the biggest deal for TV channels in deciding their ROI. Hence, higher the channels’ TRP decides the amount of advertisement it will get which will decide the revenue scale. 

For instance, when a film star arrives in a program for the promotion of his/her movie, the TRP of that particular program increases instantly as people like to see that film star more.  

However, today, many channels or programs are using unethical practices to gain TRP. We can take an example of a recent incident where earlier this month the Mumbai police busted a TRP scam where one of the TV channels the Mumbai Police have summoned three other office bearers of Republic TV. The police have said that Republic TV are alleged of paying viewers to manipulate viewership ratings. 

The Mumbai Police have summoned three other office bearers of Republic TV for the same. Priya Mukharjee and Hersh Bhandari who are the COOs of Republic TV along with CEO Vikas Khanchandani  were asked to join for questioning as well. Against this the channel has filed a petition before the Supreme Court. The CFO of Republic TV’s front face Arnab Goswami along with India Today have been locked in a battle of allegations due to the alleged scam which involves Television Rating Points (TRP). 

These allegations were put in action based on a complaint filed by a subsidiary of Broadcast Audience Research Council. This subsidiary is a television ratings agency registered by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Union minister for information and broadcasting Prakash Javadekar said “The present system of Television Rating Point or TRP-oriented programs needs a rethink.” Some of the other politicians have also stated that they do not wish to get intoTRP game.


Speaking of which, here are some pointers which can stop this kinds of fraud:

1. The government needs to take action against fake people meters connected to a few TV sets. 

2. To stop the TRP scam to evolve a new scientific system where the I & B ministry and TRAI must sit together. 

3. Fake journalism which provokes news for TRP should be stopped. 

4. We should ensure curbing of monopoly by BARC and also, there should be more agencies in this field.

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