Algorithms Are Helping Us Discover Our Inner Music

Rajan Sarma | Friday, 05 March 2021, 13:20 IST

‘Algorithms’ have become quite the buzzword these days. Used for calculations, data processing and automated reasonings, Algorithms are basically mathematical instructions at the root level. Algorithms are not something new, their practical origins can be traced back to the Turing Machine. And, today with the advancement of computers, Algorithms are designed to run on computers on their own i.e., facilitating Machine Learning. This has become the game-changer as Algorithms now have a complete grip over many aspects of our fast-paced digital life. Right from the recommended choice of dish in our go-to food delivery app to the feeds posted across our social media platforms – it is Algorithms that decide what to showcase us.

Algorithms are designed to process our activities, learn from it, and automate results that suits us. This is where Algorithms have struck the goldmine when it comes to discovering new music. Music Apps and Digital Media channels that run on Algorithms, eliminates all the unnecessary noise and clutter, and offers us a curated list of recommended songs based on our tastes. For instance, Digital channel You Tube and the music app Spotify have an advanced set of Algorithms that helps us delve deeper into the genres and their sub-genres.

At the end of the day, Algorithms used in music channels can be summed down to two concepts of exploit and explore. Music apps are exploiting the information they gather about us. It takes into account our music listening history, which songs we’ve skipped, our activity on the platform’s social features and also what playlists we have made. And, then the Algorithms uses the same information to gather all the artists and playlists similar to our taste in music and the artists we haven’t heard of yet.

While the Algorithm dominated market model of Facebook and Instagram have come under a fair bit of scrutiny in recent times due to the repeated bombardment of adds, when it comes to discovering music Algorithms are helping us find our inner groove.

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