A Simple and Secure Virtual Desktop Service that Delivers Windows Desktops and Applications As Cloud Service

By CIOReview Team

SINGAPORE, June 1, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited (CITIC Telecom CPC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (SEHK: 1883), today announced the launch of its SmartCLOUD(TM) DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) in Singapore.

Smart CLOUD DaaS is a Desktop-as-a-Service solution that is powered by VMware Horizon(R) DaaS(R) solution in Asia; it supports the mobile workforce and the multi-office operation needs of companies across the Asia Pacific region through a flexible, cost-effective and easy-to-manage virtual desktop solution running on a world-class infrastructure with monthly subscription model. For the companies who deploy SmartCLOUD DaaS, they are able to deliver virtual workspaces to their employees - including full Windows Client desktops, shared desktops and hosted applications - across all operating systems on any device, anytime and anywhere.

The launch also marks CITIC Telecom CPC's long-standing partnership with VMware in Asia Pacific region since 2011. The partnership fuels CITIC Telecom CPC's provision of a secure, high-performance and well-connected SmartCLOUD cloud infrastructure to companies across the region.

Mobile workforce with access to any desktops and applications in a secure environment

With the launch of SmartCLOUD DaaS, companies that want to provide employees with unfettered access to virtual desktops and hosted applications - whether via desktop PCs, laptops, web browsers, tablets or mobile phones - will be able to enjoy a reduction in CAPEX and a cost reduction related to the ever-increasing virtual desktop software licensing fees. They also do not need to worry about the manpower resources for equipment set up and maintenance, as well as the data center costs and space required to own, operate and maintain virtual desktops.

SmartCLOUD DaaS simplifies the delivery of desktops and hosted applications as a cloud service. Companies can save time and money, without sacrificing enterprise requirements for security and control; employees are more productive, with a complete workspace that can access from any device, anywhere, anytime.

SmartCLOUD DaaS also makes quick deployment of virtual desktops possible - which is an asset to companies of all size, especially those start-ups and companies that are expanding rapidly, as they are actively looking for quick and promising solutions that can support their business operations against the fast-changing business environment. "Many enterprises in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region are employing a bigger mobile workforce, and more and more are running on a multi-office model. However, the technical infrastructure of these enterprises is not able to support the dynamic requirements in everyday operations", said Mr. Daniel Kwong, Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Security Services, CITIC Telecom CPC. "SmartCLOUD DaaS is a solution that answers their needs. Designed to be offered under a monthly subscription model, it is set to bring benefits in a high-standard, cost-effective and flexible manner."

The CITIC Telecom CPC and VMware partnership

SmartCLOUD DaaS is a perfect combination of CITIC Telecom CPC's secure, stable, scalable and well-connected SmartCLOUD Compute with the VMware Horizon DaaS solution.

CITIC Telecom CPC's SmartCLOUD Compute is a revolutionary IaaS and hybrid cloud solution that delivers high-performance and high-availability cloud offerings with high value and management ease. With five major resource factors at instant disposal (virtual memory, storage, CPU, network and a physical port), SmartCLOUD Compute can dynamically boost business efficiency, competitiveness and agility.

VMware Horizon is a VMware offering that enables organizations to rapidly deploy desktops and applications as an easily managed, integrated cloud service to any device, anywhere. Built on vCloud(R) Air(M), VMware Horizon allows end users to securely access their virtual desktop from any device or browser, and IT to easily manage their deployment using existing skills and tools.

Key features of SmartCLOUD DaaS

The launch of SmartCLOUD DaaS empowers the mobile workforce with low total cost of ownership and maximum flexible features:

- Great end-user experience - office users and on-the-go mobile staff can easily and seamlessly access their desktops and applications anywhere, anytime, via the cloud, on any device (including tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktop PCs and thin and zero clients).

- Unified desktop and application access - employees get Windows desktops and hosted applications from the cloud on any device, easy to handle oversize files without any barrier.

- Dedicated bandwidth access - dedicated 10Gb Access Gateway provides fast and reliable access anywhere, ensuring minimum latency and excellent user experience.

- Strong security and ease of control - central control portal provides user-friendly management console for IT administrators to monitor, configure and deploy cloud-hosted desktops and applications, with the same security credentials, policies and permissions under existing policy and infrastructure.

- Business continuity and confidence - vigilant corporate data protection and 24x7x365 business continuity powered by CITIC Telecom CPC's comprehensive portfolio of server-side and end-user network security, onsite and offsite backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.

- Predictable costs - reduce companies' upfront costs and lower their total cost of desktop ownership with predictable cloud economics.

CITIC Telecom CPC as a powerful and all-rounded cloud partner

Smart CLOUD DaaS is the latest addition to CITIC Telecom CPC's comprehensive Smart CLOUD cloud computing solutions portfolio. Smart CLOUD solutions are built on a reliable cloud computing infrastructure, enabling companies to substantially reduce costs and increase flexibility, while maintaining enterprise-grade security, privacy and availability.

"Built on VMware's industry-leading infrastructure technologies, Smart CLOUD solution series is a powerful offering which strengthens our ICT leadership position in the Asia Pacific market. We have eight Smart CLOUD service centers in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore, which provide companies with seamless connectivity across the region, high flexibility on their resources allocation and true disaster recovery capabilities for their business operations," Mr. Daniel Known added.

SmartCLOUD solutions facilitate enterprises of any size to rapidly deploy any scale of cloud computing services over the Internet or a private network cost-effectively. Companies can dynamically allocate key resources to address business tasks, including on-the-fly allocation or processing power, memory, and storage, all protected with highly-secure connectivity to isolate applications and ensure data integrity.

CITIC  Telecom  CPC  as  a trusted and reliable integrated ICT solutions provider

As an integrated ICT solutions provider, CITIC Telecom CPC strives to deliver the highest level of services and excellent products to customers. To strengthen its cloud offerings, the company launched its first Cloud Data Center in Shanghai in 2014. The company also plans to open its Beijing and Guangzhou Cloud Data Centers in late 2015.

CITIC Telecom CPC is a comprehensive ICT solutions provider that enterprises can count on. The company now has more than 100 points-of-presence worldwide, and its Smart CLOUD portfolio is well backed by the company's multiple cloud data centers widely spread across Asia Pacific. All of these cloud data centers are inter-connected securely through the company's MPLS VPN, which are strongly firewall-protected and closely monitored by CITIC Telecom CPC's security operations centers.

With the launch of its high-bandwidth networking solution Ether CONNECT in 2015, providing high bandwidth, secure and reliable virtual Ethernet leased line services to enterprises, CITIC Telecom CPC is well-equipped to be the top network services provider in Asia Pacific with high bandwidth capability and wide geographical coverage.

In terms of data security, CITIC Telecom CPC will continue to enhance its   Trust CSI managed information security solution series. This includes strengthening the next-generation firewall offerings , continue updating the security rules for the company's Managed Security service to fight against the ever-changing security threats, and so on.

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